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Aug 1, 2012 07:34 AM


Who makes and/or sells a decent kielbasa? The kind that's good for grilling up until it starts to get crispy black spots and develops little geysers of hot, delicious, red grease.

It is not Hillshire Farms nor Earl Campbell. And it does not contain any animals except for cows and pigs.


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  1. Sam's club sells a decent brand but I forget the name. It's Denmark something or other. I used to order from a place in Detroit but that got cost prohibitive so I bought a sausage stuffer from Cabela's and just make my own these days. There are some good recipes on-line.

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      Smokey Denmark? I used to work next to their factory and sampled all their stuff. It's just OK. I don't recall they had ropes, just links. I didn't mention that as part of my sausage paramaters but that's normal for Kielbasa - needs to be open ended sausage for extra texture :-)

      The Tyson brand sold at CostCo, as much as I hate to admit it, was actually very good. But it was replaced over a year ago by a local brand, "Koilbasa". Which I don't like nearly as much. And I don't see Tyson sausage sold anywhere else.