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Aug 1, 2012 05:53 AM

Fun place to take 20 YO daughter in LA

Picking up my daughter at LAX around 11 am on a Sunday. Would like to take her someplace fun for lunch. She's not a foodie by any stretch of the imagination. Thinking maybe Pink's and then Sprinkles for a cupcake, because these are places she has seen on tv. Any ideas along those lines?

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  1. Although Pink's gets a lot of hate on this board I am not in agreement with those sentiments for the most part. That said I'm not sure that the wait is worth it unless you are looking to be part of the passing parade and don't mind chatting with everyone else lined up with you...

    If your daughter likes dogs then you might choose to go to Carney's Train on the Sunset Strip. They have both good dogs (especially their chili cheese dogs) as well as burgers and it's all set in an old train car above Sunset Blvd. with a nice outside area to eat at which has a great view of the street and all who are walking by. Free, non valet parking lot in the back.

      1. Wurstkuche Venice is close by LAX. Wonderful one of a kind sausages and fries.

        The Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles at 3rd and Fairfax has dozens of food stalls and is like a taste of LA. Everything from gumbo to tacos to english toffee. Great for people watching too.

        The Santa Monica Sunday Farmers Market is on Ocean Park Blvd and Main Street with lots to eats. 9:30am to 1pm. The Beach is a block away too.

        The line at Pink's in Hollywood will be well over an hour long...did you know there is a Pink's Hot Dogs in The Bradley Terminal at LAX on the second floor food court before security also there is an In N' Out Burger right outside LAX on Sepulveda Blvd.

        1. Is this a layover? Sounds like she's not staying. How long do you have?

          Since, as you say, she's not a foodie, she may be more interested in the touristy spots. If she'll be really hungry after the plane ride (most airlines give passengers hardly any food), you could take her to Randy's Donuts for a quick bite before heading to your final lunch destination.

          If you have time, I prefer to take out-of-towner, who want to go to a place they might have seen on TV or heard of as quintessentially L.A., to Philippe's rather than Pinks. There's somewhat more of a variety of food there.

          I also second the L.A. Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax, since there's such a variety of food, and you can walk around The Grove and see if you can sight a celebrity...

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            I will second Carney, Nickle and Wurtkuche. Of the three I think Carney is best for a great "tourist" experience, especially since that section of the Sunset strip is so iconic. You could try Mel's nearby there too.

            If you have to stay on the west side b/c it's a layover Swingers is pretty cool too.

          2. tacos and ice cream at brentwood country mart.

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              Good call re: Brentwood Country Mart