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Aug 1, 2012 05:49 AM

Asian Fusion now Gracie's

Traveling between Blue Bell and Skippack on Rt. 73 I noticed that Asian Fusion( Center Point?) has been replaced by Gracie's. Have you been there? Have a scoop on this new establishment?

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  1. Are you referring to Fuzion in Worcester?

    1. I think Fuzion is still there (at least they still have a website). From the photos, it looks like Gracie's may be in the old Alison's space. The menu looks all over the place.

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      1. re: JanR

        Drove by and they had a sign on what was Asian Fusion (Valley Forge Road and 73) Grand Opening Gracie's. Worcester, yes I suppose it is. Quite sure of the place and sign.

        1. re: Bacchus101

          I guess Fuzion closed and didn't take down their website yet. Alison used to be in the same shopping center.

          1. re: JanR

            Really Alison: I recall she was in Cedars but I can not recall her ever being in the same location of which I speak.

            1. re: Bacchus101

              Alison was definitely in the small Cedars center. My husband went past the other day and said there was a sign there for Gracie's, replacing the closed Fuzion. Their website is up and they are open.

              1. re: Bacchus101

                Sorry! I'm losing it. Not Alison. Ravenna. Oops.

                1. re: JanR

                  Yes Ravenna, in what is now Zacharias (ugh). Not a good trade at all. Loved Ravenna, was worth a drive.

                  1. re: Bacchus101

                    That menu is all over the place -- from Asian, Mediterranean, to Thai and Indian. They don't know who they are!
                    Too much for me thank you.

                    1. re: arepo

                      Meaningful observations, thanks. Does this also generally mean that there is a cook in the kitchen, as opposed to a chef with special refined skill is a specific cuisine?