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Jul 31, 2012 11:36 PM

Will drive for Hawaiian food!

Craving some Hawaiian food in Massachusetts/ N.E. or New York.
Would kill for some poke, laulau, malasadas etc.

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  1. You're gonna have a LONG drive.

    1. There's an L&L on Fulton Street in Manhattan.

      And also one in Evans Mills near Watertown.

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      1. re: denish

        Please note: that's Watertown NEW YORK (just east of the northeast corner of Lake Ontario), not Watertown MA.

      2. Having no idea what malasadas are, I looked them up. The wikipedia article indicated that they are popular in the Fall River area. As to poke and laulau, you are on your own.

        I do have a question about poke: just about every time I had it, the flavor was overwhelmingly that of toasted sesame oil. Is that how people like it, or is that a sign of poor quality fish?

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        1. re: jira

          Poke is the whole dish its marinated ahi. usually with sea salt, sesame and other things. I dont like to use WIkipedia as a reference but here it is:

          1. re: jira

            There are many many types of poke. Sesame poke is pretty popular, but shouldn't drown out the fresh fish.

          2. I would kill for some haupia pie!

            1. Malasadas are Portugese, so any area with a large Portugese population will have them.