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Jul 31, 2012 08:00 PM

Best Restaurants in Scarborough?

Any good recommendations for good restaurants in Scarborough? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Anywhere in Scarborough?? It's pretty big ya know.


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      Seems to me there have been several previous, easily-accessible, long, long threads on this exact subject. And one resto with a lot of good mentions that interested me at the time was Gourmet Malaysia, in a strip plaza on the north side of Sheppard Ave. East, just east of Brimley, where I went with a friend for the first time just last night. Its menu is a mashup of mainly Malaysian, but also related Chinese, Indian, some Thai and Indonesian dishes. The problem for first-timers is how to negotiate the voluminous menu. In short, what to order when you don't know the cuisine that well. The staff aren't all that helpful. They mean well, but mainly, they're just there to take your order. Your best bet is to approach another table of veteran feeders and ask what you should order, given your know-nothing status. They're all usually delighted to advise rookies on their favourite dishes. Perhaps even better, call over the owner - Yummi, he said his name was - assuming he's not busy, and ask his advice on what to sample. It also helps to do a little online research in advance on the cuisine's staple dishes. Everything we had was mighty tasty - though we over ordered, a natural first-timer's mistake because most everything on the menu seems so intriguing. Especially the substantially delicious soups that can easily be shared. Lots of items in zingy stews and sauces. Good tea. We stuck mostly with the Malaysian items. Modest prices. Our bill came to $38 (plus tip) and we could easily have done it at about $30. Easy parking around the back of the plaza if the front is full, which it usually is, it seems. A popular place, and rightly so. We were the only white faces on the premises, and everyone seemed particularly solicitous to us. A winner.

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        Yep, here's a current Scarborough thread with lots and lots of discussion:

    2. I've been doing similar research. Here are those links.

      I quite enjoyed this recent piece in the Globe & Mail. Not encyclopedic by any means, but he author only had one page with who-knows-how-many inches to work with. Ten places is an excellent start. Don't skip the reader responses.

      And stay tuned to GridTO. They cover Scarborough restaurants fairly regularly.

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