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Jul 31, 2012 07:18 PM

Maria's Breezy Dog - Breezy Point

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any more information in terms of where/when to find this hot dog truck. From my research, it seems that it is always at Breezy Point in Queens, near Fort Tilden and the Marine Bridge.

I'm planning to venture from Manhattan to try the milkshakes, but I want to make sure it's there before I drive down. I haven't seen any posts about it this summer, so if anyone happens to know if the truck is indeed there (and what its days/hours of operation are), I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Good luck getting into Breezy Point. It's a guarded, gated community. You have to know someone or have an appointment.

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      1. re: Polecat

        Wow, thanks for that information. That explains why there's so little information out there about it. It's a shame that only a small community of people are able to enjoy what are supposedly amazing milkshakes. Oh well! Thanks again!

        1. re: blackbirdfly

          I don't believe that it's inside the gated community but blocks away at 5 Rockaway Breezy Blvd (around Beach 206th St, near the Fire Dept). It's a side of the road stand. I'm pretty sure you can get more info. by googling it &/or searching for it on yelp.

          1. re: blackbirdfly

            I have never once been stopped at that gate, most times there wasnt anyone even in there. Once there was a line of cars and I just on the residents side and right thru. Whats the worst that happens you play stupid. there is in fact a national park on the other side of the town, I suppose they would ask to see your fishing license or something. But its not gonna get like that. After all that info I will tell you there is always a busy truck parked at the eastern edge of ft tilden park. If you come over the marine park bridge make a U-turn after the ramp and you'll spot it. All this goes for weekends only.

            1. re: 2slices

              Agh, thanks for the corrections. My only trip out to BP was a few years back for a (social) work related home visit. It was during the week and there was a guard on duty. The family had given him my name in advance; otherwise the guy looked like he was going to turn me away. There were a few food establishments within the community, all with the name "breeze" in them, such as a Starbucks knock-off with a name along the lines of Breezebucks. It definitely felt like a world apart and a bit Twilight Zone-ish.

              Apologies to the OP; hope you get your dog.

        2. Thank you all for your help! I'm going to give it a shot one day and let you know if I have success. I appreciate all of the information!

          1. The original comment has been removed