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Jul 31, 2012 06:26 PM

"Neighborhood Joints"

My husband and I have lived just outside NYC for the past 20 years. We have eaten in every 4 and 5 star restaurant imaginable. We are officially done with all the pomp and circumstance. We just want great food in a great atmosphere. Right now we love Minnetta Tavern, Torrisi , Red Farm, Bario Chino, Txikito , and are really in love with Ippudo. We consider these "neighborhood joint" type restaurants and are wondering if anyone has any other recommendations along these lines??

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  1. A lot of the places you listed at still kinda "destination" restaurants, but still more casual than a four NYT star place.

    Based upon what you listed you might like these, if you haven't been (and if you have, perhaps a return visit is in order):

    Mission Chinese
    Momofuku Ssam Bar
    Fatty Cue

    1. Well, that's quite a mix of "joints". Here's a few other "joints" Recette, Greenwich Grill, Kori, Cafe Cita, Bar Pitti

      1. Perla
        Salumeria Rosi
        Ma Peche
        Yunnan Kitchen

        1. Thanks for the responses. Are any of these suggestions "an experience" like eating at Ippudo is?Thanks!

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            As someone noted, those are very high end "joints". My idea of a neighborhood joint is El Paso taqueria on E. 97th, Rockmeisha on Barrow St., Zaab Elee (sp?) the Thai pl on Second Ave.,
            I would define a neighborhood joint as a restaurant you wouldn't make a special trip to, but if you were in the neighborhood (theater, movie, friend) you would be happy to go to. Maybe it would also be helpful if you didn't need to book 4 weeks in advance!

            1. re: JC2

              Adding to your definition: A place that people in the neighbourhood go to fairly frequently, or consider a standby.

            2. re: whyutrippen

              Ok based on your list, how about?
              Empellon Cocina?
              Casa mono?

              I wouldnt call these neighborhood joints, although they are around my neighborhood. But maybe these will fit your idea of the term. Thrown in Dell' Anima.

              Ippudo is an experience for sure, I would say some of the above are also.

            3. This made me laugh. I live a few blocks from Ippudo and despite multiple attempts, have never yet eaten there, as the wait for a table always seems to be at least 45 minutes. It may be wonderful, but it's definitely not a "neighborhood joint": a casual place where you have a reasonable chance of getting a meal when you want one.

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              1. re: Miss Priss

                Sorry...definitely used the wrong terminology in calling these "neighborhood joints." I really meant a restaurant you don't need to get all dressed up for...the kind of casual place you can go to after being out all day and not change into anything special but still have an amazing meal.

                1. re: whyutrippen

                  OK. So they're not "neighborhood joints". But now you're pretty much describing 92% of all restaurants that's discussed about in Manhattan Chowhound board.

                  1. re: RCC

                    Higher than that, I think. Maybe 97%. I mean, which restaurants require jackets anymore? Is it more than 10 in Manhattan, if that?

                  2. re: whyutrippen

                    An "amazing meal" sets the bar pretty high. If that's your requirement (and I don't know what amazes you), I can't help you. If "satisfying" will do, and the neighborhood is Lincoln Center, I could name as many as a dozen places where I feel I can go as I am, walk in and get a table within 10 minutes or so most of the time, be treated decently by the waitstaff, get an enjoyable meal, and not have to take out a mortgage to pay for it. I'm not talking Jean Georges, but I'm not talking Old John's Luncheonette either. Manhattan has countless neighborhoods like that, and so does Brooklyn.

                  3. re: Miss Priss

                    You gotta get there 15 minutes before they open. That's what I do- never failed to get me a seat!

                    1. re: Miss Priss

                      If you live in the neighborhood, you can stop by earlier on in the day, put your name down for dinner, and then come back when you want. Hope this helps!

                      1. re: Miss Priss

                        If you live only a few blocks away, you should take advantage of Ippudo's day-of in-person reservation option. If you go earlier in the day, you can put your name down for a specific time later that evening and you won't wait more than 15 min when you come back