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Jul 31, 2012 06:23 PM

Where can I find Red Jalapeno Peppers?

I am working on some hot sauce recipes, and need to find a store (or farmer, or other producer) that will sell me red jalapenos.

Preferably they would be located near South Peninsula/South bay, but I would be interested in knowing ANYWHERE that sells them -- I have yet to see them ever in a store, yet, but I have to believe that they do, in fact, exist, as many recipes call for them. Perhaps they are not in season?

So far I've been using red fresno chilies (look similar, but more conical, thinner skin, fruitier flavor), which I found at Lion Market off Tully Rd. in San Jose, but they are just not the same.

Any pointers would be very appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Red jalapenos are green jalapenos grown up. They pass through an interesting phase where they appeared black to me before maturing.

    1. They're seasonal. Should be some around soon.

      1. Thanks for your replies.

        I made it out to the Evergreen Farmer's Market today in San Jose, and asked the farmers. 3 of them said that the peppers are still green and should probably be red in another 2-3 weeks. They said if I come back in a few weeks, they will have lots.

        I would expect the red ones to be popping up elsewhere then, as well. Can't wait!