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Jul 31, 2012 06:13 PM

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Austin

The only chocolate chip cookie in Austin I've ever really had was at Coolhaus. It was alright but luckily the ice cream saved it. Where can someone find an excellent cookie?

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  1. Be My Cupcake in Round Rock has excellent chocolate chip cookies. I also like the banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies at the Drafthouse. Central Market also makes a mean triple chocolate chip cookie. I should preface this by saying I don't like my cookies hard. I want soft and melty. Drafthouse bakes them to order.

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    1. re: Rptrane

      Really? I tried those fresh-baked Drafthouse cookies and was sorely disappointed - they were too crispy, and not nearly enough salt in them.

      I've had good cookies from Tiff's Treats. Strangely enough, the chocolate chunk cookies from Jimmy John's really aren't bad, either. As for specialty bakers, I don't know. Cookies are a rare treat for me.

      1. re: addlepated

        Quality varies greatly between drafthouses. S Lamar has better food IMO.

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          I'll second Tiff's Treats. Thank god I don't have a staff job anymore- clients used to send us boxes all the time as thank you gifts, and I'd pig out on those cookies. Waistline didn't appreciate it.

          1. re: popvulture

            Yeah, Tiff's Treats, for sure. Hot, soft, melty and deeeeelicious.

      2. Blue Baker has excellent cookies; their peanut butter cookie is so moist! I also like the cookies from Corner Bakery. Their Monster cookie rocks, and they have a fantastic oatmeal/currant cookie!

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          Hands down the chocolate chip cookies from It's a Grind are the best cookies I've had in Austin. The chocolate to cookie ratio is close to 1:1 and they are always warm and melty. They are better than homemade!