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Jul 31, 2012 04:15 PM

Lobster Dishes - Boston Dish of the Month August 2012

Announcing the August 2012 Boston Dish of the Month: Lobster (Out of the Shell)

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This is really more like a category of dishes - anything that features lobster that's already out of its shell. The goal is to collectively try as many versions of these dishes as possible during the month of August! So let's start exploring and eating—report back with reviews and photos of the best lobster dishes you can find.

Looking forward to seeing what people try! Report back here!

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  1. On current menus, my fav 'lobster minus shell dish' is the Lobster Roe Noodles with Lobster, Short Rib, Chanterelles and Wine Demi- served at Island Creek Oyster Bar.

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      my favorite lobster dish is pan fried lobster from jasper white

    2. I had a tremendous lobster dish last night at La Morra. House made silky fettuccine (it was actually wider than fettuccine but I didn't mind) with lobster zucchini and basil. Essence of summer on my plate. I loved it there. Also corn and tomato salad and fried squash blossoms. Lovely little bar to sit at and enjoy our fellow food travelers. Will post a picture when at my confuser.

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        This is the dish at La Morra. Still thinking about it.

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          This looks great. Thanks for posting the picture!

      2. Lobster spaghettini, the Monday night special at Neptune.

        1. I must vote for my summertime fave at Neptune Oyster: lobster caprese salad. When not available out of season I have actually dreamed of this. Exquisite with my fave muscadet there. shows an early summer version with cherry tomatoes (and my beloved pristine cherrystones), but it is best with big chunks of later summer juicy ripe local tomatoes.

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            Neptune rocks my world and I hope to eat there at LEAST once in the next few days (visiting from New Mexico until Sunday).

          2. No 9 Park
            Butter poached lobster and sweetbreads
            Gremolata, sunflowers, crispy artichoke.