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Lobster Dishes - Boston Dish of the Month August 2012

Announcing the August 2012 Boston Dish of the Month: Lobster (Out of the Shell)

Link to Voting Thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/860477
Link to Nomination Thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/859597

This is really more like a category of dishes - anything that features lobster that's already out of its shell. The goal is to collectively try as many versions of these dishes as possible during the month of August! So let's start exploring and eating—report back with reviews and photos of the best lobster dishes you can find.

Looking forward to seeing what people try! Report back here!

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  1. On current menus, my fav 'lobster minus shell dish' is the Lobster Roe Noodles with Lobster, Short Rib, Chanterelles and Wine Demi- served at Island Creek Oyster Bar.

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      my favorite lobster dish is pan fried lobster from jasper white

    2. I had a tremendous lobster dish last night at La Morra. House made silky fettuccine (it was actually wider than fettuccine but I didn't mind) with lobster zucchini and basil. Essence of summer on my plate. I loved it there. Also corn and tomato salad and fried squash blossoms. Lovely little bar to sit at and enjoy our fellow food travelers. Will post a picture when at my confuser.

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        This is the dish at La Morra. Still thinking about it.

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          This looks great. Thanks for posting the picture!

      2. Lobster spaghettini, the Monday night special at Neptune.

        1. I must vote for my summertime fave at Neptune Oyster: lobster caprese salad. When not available out of season I have actually dreamed of this. Exquisite with my fave muscadet there. http://bit.ly/QGPNV1 shows an early summer version with cherry tomatoes (and my beloved pristine cherrystones), but it is best with big chunks of later summer juicy ripe local tomatoes.

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            Neptune rocks my world and I hope to eat there at LEAST once in the next few days (visiting from New Mexico until Sunday).

          2. No 9 Park
            Butter poached lobster and sweetbreads
            Gremolata, sunflowers, crispy artichoke.

            1. Do you think this thread has gotten buried somehow up among the stickies that most regular readers gloss over? I am sad not to see more yummy lobster dishes described.

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              1. Not a main dish but worthy of mention: Irresistibly good appetizer at Towne stove and spirits - lobster popovers (2 per order, $14) mmm mmm mmm.

                Oh, and the Lobster salad sandwich at Alive & Kicking Lobsters for a mad $13.95, with chips!

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                  I've heard about those lobster popovers and there have been some negative reviews as well, I guess. How much lobster? How much carb vs. lobster? dripped in butter or what? I'd love to try it but not alone if it's really rich. Is the popover the classic very eggy type?

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                    I love making my own popovers and often splt them(lengthwise) and serve a Lobster/mushroom/onion mix with lobster bisque sauce in them. Any idea of the ricipe for the ones you mentioned?....would love to try them

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                      sometimes I cheat and leave out the lobster, but use a tiny bit of lobster bisque and some shredded cheese on top

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                      As you can see this is a fairly complex recipe. When I asked - the server told me The Lyles golden syrup is the magic ingredient.

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                        WOW!.that one got added to favorites.......I think I still have some Lyles from our days living in the UK

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                      The popovers are definitely worth a mention. I am a big fan of them and have had them twice this month.
                      The other standout lobster dish this month for me have been the lobster sliders on the late night menu at Island creek. They are amazing and a much different prep than their regular menu lobster rolls.
                      I have also devoured at least 1 Lobster pizza at Scampo. It is just too hard to resist.

                    4. I very much enjoyed the "Fried Maine Lobster Caramel" at Nix's Mate - "Warm Vermont Cheddar, green onions, chilis.

                      Deep-fried battered nuggets of lobster, piled on a pool of cheese sauce, caramel and a sprinkling of onions and peppers. Sounds like it should not work, but it does.

                      I think it would be even better with a kick of thai chilis or just more chili kick.

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                        as a Native North Carolinian, who spent lots of time in No. Calf, Spain, and here in Boston, I feel both compelled and deterred by fried seafood. Love fried oysters, the fried mussels at Oleana, get sick at seafood fried in old oil. Still have a hard time with fish and cheese combos. but Bob, I trust your taste, so I'm willing to try it.

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                          You ought to try the fried seafood at Rincon Limeno or Moulton - two excellent examples of the genre. This lobster, honestly, has more akin to the farce and indulgence of deep-fried Twinkies than typical fried seafood. By that I mean it is a unique and fun dish to try, but may leave you still feeling very much deterred.

                      2. The lobster thermador at kitchen was excellent. and its available as part of their restaurant week menu

                        1. The Abbey in Brookline has an appetizer of lobster and corn dumplings in a lemon beurre blanc. Delicious. Should be around for another month or so.

                          1. I ate an amazing lobster dish at Catalyst. It was lobster tortellini with chanterelles, tarragon and snap peas. The large homemade tortellini were filled with lobster and there were lobster chunks with the mushrooms and snap peas. It was dressed with a very light tarragon flavored sauce. One of the more delicious things I've had recently.

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                              ohhh man, THAT sounds brilliant. I'm a goin' if they still have it.

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                                It's on the menu. But I don't know how often they change the menu though since they use seasonal ingredients.

                            2. I'm linking this to a corn post. The dish is mostly about the scallops and corn. However, lobster is brilliantly used as a flavoring agent and there are small chunks of lobster in the corn.