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Jul 31, 2012 04:01 PM

Discussion footer is stuck

The same six threads have been listed for several hours.

» Vancouver Farmer's Market
» Master Chef week of 7/16 - spoiler spoiler spoiler
» Fedora Reborn (West Village)
» Bloomies is dropping Le Creuset cookware...
» Low carb bread?
» help with vegan chocolate frosting

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  1. More like a couple days I think. Some of those topics haven't had any new posts since 7/28.

    1. Thanks Melanie. We'll take a look, and try to fix this as soon as we get a chance.

      - Shane

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        1. re: greygarious

          Should be working now. Let us know if it's not!

          Thanks, Meredith

      1. ....and now seems stuck again.

        Peach cobbler twist
        Uses for a food mill
        ISO plain, high-fat, organic yogurt

        1. Stuck for a few days:

          Kuala Lumpur - Dinner at the Ming Room, Bangsar SC
          » Tanqueray vs. Hendrick's Gin?
          » Iron chef challenger from northern ca
          » Reservation at Sawada - Mission Impossible for a Gaijin
          » Warning - General Mills bought Liberté yogurt, it's now Yoplait crap for premium price!
          » Do you eat the...gulp...fat?

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            We're aware of a current issue which may delay footer updates for up to 20 hours at a stretch, as well as a planned maintenance on Friday that may have delayed it further into the weekend (likely so since the footer has since updated). We're actively pursuing the issue to ensure that the updates take place in a timely fashion; in the mean time, our apologies for the delays.

            That said, please continue to let us know if you see the footer frozen for 24 hours or more, as this would indicate a new problem. Thank you for your patience, and for your assistance in tracking this issue.

            1. re: Engineering

              Presumably you're aware that Discussion roll has been stuck for more than a week ...

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Thanks Melanie.

                Yes, we're aware. There have been a couple different issues that have caused this back to back. We're actively working on it, and I'm hopeful we'll have it resolved in the next couple days.

                - Shane