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Jul 31, 2012 03:58 PM

Looking for a great place for lunch close by Salt & Straw in Alberta Arts District

Hi Chow Hounds!
Looking for a Chow worthy lunch spot on a Thursday that will allow us to have room for a couple of scoops from Salt & Straw after (Alberta Arts) location. We are very adventurous eaters. We are planning to do a brunch at Tasty & Sons another day as I know that is close but we figure we won't have room after that! We love the whole farm to table movement or even food trucks/pods if there are any close by. We will have a car & will be coming from the airport. Incidentally, anything else to do or see in the area?


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  1. Some nice galleries and shops on Alberta, just take a stroll and stop where you need to.

    If you like Indian, right next door to Salt & Straw is Bollywood Theatre.

    Good pizza, great calzones (because they make their own ricotta) at Al Forno Ferruzza.

    Grain & Gristle is close to there on NE Prescott and worth a stop.

    1. Natural Selection is on Alberta Street. They do a really nice four course vegetarian tasting menu.

      I'm going to Bollywood Theater for dinner tonight, it is really good Indian food.

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        I didn't think that Natural Selection did lunch. Do they?

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          My bad, I didn't see it was a lunch request. Podnah's is open for lunch on Thursday for really good BBQ and they are pretty close to Salt and Straw. I love their smoked trout plate.

          1. re: porky pine

            Podnah's is a good choice.

            I'm not answering about non-food subjects as this is a food site, and any posts that are not about food are deleted.