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Jul 31, 2012 03:52 PM

Dinner for 30 in St Louis

I have a conference in St Louis and am looking to take about 30 clients for a dinner in town. They come from US, Canada, Europe, Singapore and Australia and are a fairly sophisticated crew.

Looking for something with a ST Louis flavor (is there such a thing) or something either different, modern, exciting without being loud (no live music etc).

Going down there next month to scout around for a day - what shouldn't I miss.


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  1. Are you looking to go private room?

    Check out Trattoria Marcella and see what they say.

    1. What about Stone Soup Cottage in Cottlesville? They fill up months in advance (it is tiny) but depending on the day of the week, will open for private groups.

      1. Blow their minds. Rent the big room at City Museum and have it catered.

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          steveb, now all I want to do is take a picnic to City Museum...toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake, anyone? We'll perch on the windowsills in the vault room and watch the sun go down...but since i think tonyjohnson54 is going for a slightly more conventional solution, I must say that a recent dinner in the private room at Home Wine Kitchen was just lovely, and I recommend it highly, plus the room is just about right for a group of 30. If you are going for 'St. Louis flavor' Iron Barley has it, but might be kind of noisy...they have a guy with a guitar on weekends, and it may not be big enough for a group of that size. You wouldn't go wrong taking everyone to the Watson Road location of Ted Drewes after dinner to stand on the sidewalk and eat frozen want St. Louis flavor, that's where it hangs out around 10 p.m. I once met a very charming Tony Johnson in Edinburgh, your chowhound handle brought back memories!

          1. re: tonifi

            heck at that point just book the whole roof at the City Museum and eat airplane style (but not food) on the Ferris wheel, swapping out seat partners between courses.

            that sounds like fun.

        2. The "private room" idea seems like the best way to go, but that's up to you of course.

          If so, you might try Home Wine Kitchen in downtown Maplewood -- very close to Clayton and Brentwood area -- which has an upstairs that's typically not open, except when very busy. If you want to be closer to downtown, you might look into Cafe Eau in Chase Park Plaza, which likely has some room to accommodate that many.

          1. Lots of places depending on your budget. Tony's second dining room could do it, and I think they have another room as well. Schlafly Tap Room's upstairs would be casual, again a private room. (Surely for 30 you're going to need your own room.) Eau does indeed have a side room that would work. Duff's in the Central West End also has a room that can be used that way, so does Herbie's, and actually they have several. The view from Kemoll's is fabulous and I did a dinner there for about 150 with respectable traditional Italian-American food, maybe not earth-shaking but very good. Salt has a private room in the basement.

            Or see about renting Bogart's or Pappy's for an after-hours catered barbecue party.

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            1. re: lemons

              - I will probably do a private room particularly if it has the chance to be outside if it is warm - St Louis in early June? Thanks for these suggestion so far - got to check out the above menus now - I hate my job! Sorry - not the Tony Johnson from Edinburgh although I am British, charming and have been to Edinburgh!

              1. re: tonyjohnson54

                "Warm" shouldn't be a problem in early June!