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Jul 31, 2012 03:22 PM

Great Chinese in or near Union County?

Where's the best Chinese in the area? Szechuan, Hunan, or Cantonese, it doesn't matter - as long as it's authentic!

Thanks Hounds...

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  1. I've lived in Union County for 15 years and know of no place I would go back to or try. OTOH, we love Wonder Seafood on Rt 27 in Edison, where we've been going for years. Not far from most places in Union County. The food is Hong Kong/Cantonese, and the clentele is mostly Chinese families who come from all over the state. Many specials posted in Chinese on the walls, but if Tommy--the restaurant's manager--is there, ask him what's available. Dim Sum served every day, but best selection is on weekends--it's excellent.

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    2. We found a good Sichuan/Cantonese restaurant in Watchung, which is next to Union County. It's getting more popular among the Asian community and their food is quite authentic, with lots of hot pots and unusual dishes. We've noticed that the food quality has been constantly improving. The restaurant is called Authentic Chengdu, in Watchung, NJ.

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        I stopped going their because of lack of business they were serving food that was not fresh, and it was apparent

      2. I haven't been there in a few years, but Cathay 22 on Rt 22 in Springfield was about the best in the area.
        Website here:

        1. Hung's Shanghai in Scotch Plains is pretty darn good. The menu may sound typical but because of the very high quality ingredients used, good service, and atmosphere it's a step above everything else in the area. Always a variety of interesting daily specials.

          For take-out, I'm very partial to Rice Inn which is in Fanwood. I'm totally addicted to their Shrimp with Black Pepper which I've never seen on any other menus. They have a small side menu which isn't on the main one and daily specials also. Very small, only take-out. Wish I lived closer but alas, I'm too far away now to make it my regular but every time I'm in the area I make a point to bring some home.

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            We, in our office decided to go Hungs on Park Ave.for Secretarys day....I won't elaborate, but....NEVER AGAIN !!.....and that was UNANIMOUS !!

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              If you're going to say something bad about a restaurant you owe it to us to be specific.

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                How can I be specific with 18 different complaints ???

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                  Do you mean you are incapable of providing some examples of what the problems were????

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                    Why don't you start with the one top complaint that you think is the best example?

            2. Jade Isle in Scotch Plains. Place looks tired, but food is authentic. Dim Sum on weekends, crowded, fresh, delicious. I try to have something new each time.