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Jul 31, 2012 02:21 PM

eating veggie in Cape Town?

Hi guys,

I enjoyed the last post about Cape Town food - I'm glad to hear about 95, and Manna sounds up my alley.

But... I've got a spoke in the wheel - I'm sadly a vegetarian! Do you have any suggestions for getting by? Street food, cheap eats, nice restaurants - all advice welcome. I can't wait for my trip, but I'm a little worried about going hungry.

Thanks for your assistance,

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  1. ooh I just saw your post was over a month ago.. but in case this is in time: don't worry, there should be lots of options. Not sure of high-end places to recommend (although I am sure they'll all have good veggie options), but good low-key (& cost) places to stop by would include Little Ethiopia, in central cape town (can't remember the street address, but you can google) and a very low key / take away place in rondebosch called maharaj (behind Pick n Pay) - great food. The burger place on long street most people would recommend to visitors - Royale- also has pretty good veggie burgers.

    1. Probably too late for you, but might be of help to someone else.
      There's quite a large number of vegetarians in Cape Town, so it's not really tricky to find vegetarian options at any restaurant. You would probably get greater variety in places like Indian restaurants.
      There are also some vegan restaurants that are pretty good.

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        I must say I ate very well in South Africa in August - I was pleased and relieved to find that I could eat vegetarian everywhere. I didn't make any spectacular dinners in Capetown, although there was a very good Lebanese restaurant in Stellenbosch - unfortunately I I forget the name. However, I want to rave about Manna. I went there for brunch and was delighted - I even tried a hot chocolate because it looked so good (first time in twenty years) and found it transporting!