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Beagles, and BBQ, and Bears! Oh my!

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I’m really not going to talk about Beagles or Bears, but BBQ is on the menu. Its been awhile since my spell check has gone on the fritz, and I thought readers would get a kick out of the reference to the last spell-meggedon, where I wrote about the joy of eating Beagles. Anyway, I haven’t posted for awhile so I thought it might be time to mention a couple local events/restaurants/markets I’ve enjoyed.

1) Tabora Farms Lansdale
209 West Main Street
Lansdale, PA 19446

This place is just awesome. I recommend the Steuben Wine, the Pepper and Mozzarella roll, and the Green Chai Iced Latte. Tabora Farms Lansdale has a nice, relaxing, atmosphere. This is the perfect place to sit, drink some coffee, and watch the main street while listening to the eclectic jazzy mix of music that just permeates this cafe/farmers-market/winery/spice-shop/bakery.

2) Jesse’s Barbecue & Local Market
98 North County Line Road
Souderton, PA 18964

Finally Souderton is getting a BBQ place. To be fair Jesse’s isn’t open yet. However, Jesse’s had a real presence at Indian Valley Public Library’s Brews for Books. If the food they served is any indication Jesse’s may just rival such Lansdale heavyweights as Uncle Greg’s or even eventually Smoke Daddy’s. The pulled park was cooked just right, tender with a hint of the smoky goodness that makes BBQ oh so good. The spicy sauce was just amazing and gone within the first hour. The mustard sauce was tangy but not overpowered. There was a mild sauce and vinegar sauce as well. I can not wait ‘til the opening to see what the brisket will be like. This place will only get better with age and experience. So I think there is some real potential for BBQ greatness.

3) Indian Valley Public Library’s Brews for Books
100 E Church Ave, Telford, PA 18969

IVPL’s Beer-fest and Wine Tasting are two of the highlights of my year. This year’s theme for the Beer-fest was West Meets Local. This is a chance to give money to a great cause, IVPL, while sampling some of the local breweries’ and home-brews’ best. Even with the rain, this year’s festivities were great fun. I am also looking forward to IVPL’s Wine Tasting, which is scheduled for December 10.

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  1. I have to keep reminding myself that Tabora in lansdale is closed on tuesdays now. If I really need a Tabora fix I could drive out to their lovely original place in hilltown. I always get lost but it is worth it.
    To see what givemetomatos is going on about see his infamous original post: