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Jul 31, 2012 02:01 PM

Lemon Ice on the Westside?

Love lemon ice -- tart and sweet and refreshing. Looking for it on the westside.

In Florida I found Luigi's lemon ice at Publix supermarket -- a large number of small cups for a really cheap price. Alas, I have contacted Luigi's and they say they know of no retailers hereabouts.

On a recent trip to St. Louis I ate at a Culver's, which had a frozen lemon ice as a dessert. It was frosty, good and hit the spot. Was sorta milkyish, but I doubt it contained dairy.

So far the best I've found is ordering a McDonald's frozen lemonade without the strawberry syrup. This hits the spot, and is a lot cheaper than the Burger King version.

Any other ideas? Yes, when I get access to a friend's lemon tree I make a killer lemon sorbet. I am not looking for a lemon sherbet or ice cream -- I prefer to stay away from dairy. And yes, I'd be willing to consider a lime alternative.

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  1. You can find Luigi's lemon (and cherry) ice at 99 Cent Only Stores. Though, sometimes they have them and sometimes they don't. I've bought them at the locations in Santa Monica on Pico and 24th and on Lincoln in Venice.

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    1. re: jsandler

      Thanks -- I go to that 99 Cent store on Pico. There is a frozen item case up front with ice cream treats; is there another somewhere towards the back? I get microwave popcorn there -- less than a third the cost of the supermarket -- and Lorna Doone cookies when they have them.

      1. re: nosh

        Sorry for the delayed reply on this, but when they have them at the Pico location, they are in the freezer case in the back of the store and not the ice cream case up front. I bought some just a few days ago.

        However, at the location in Venice, they are in the ice cream case up front.

    2. You might want to check out DiDio's Italian Ices in Santa Monica. Homemade ices in lots of flavors, some off the beaten path. Extremely pricey for what it is, but it may otherwise fit your bill.

      DiDio's Italian Ices
      1305 Montana Ave
      Santa Monica, CA 90403

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      1. re: Arthur

        Unfortunately, "extremely pricey" takes all of the joy and fun out of it for me.

        1. re: nosh

          Not only was their ice expensive, it was grainy, more like a fine granita than an Italian ice.

          I had a similar experience with the one near Disneyland. Sadly there is nothing I've found that rivals Lemon Ice King of Corona in Queens.

          Mr Taster

      2. I've found Luigi's ices at Dollar Tree too. Specifically, the one in North Hollywood, but maybe others carry it as well.