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Jul 31, 2012 01:27 PM

Kosher Hot Dogs off the Grill at 7-11 in Monsey

Great idea! They are now selling kosher hot dogs at the 7-11 on Route 59 and College Rd in Monsey. It's under the supervision of Rav Zushe Blech and two young, guys with Kippot are running the case. It is in a separate unit next to the other regular non-kosher 7-11 grilled stuff It's 2.59 a dog (more for spicy Polish) with mustard or ketchup and .50 for any and all toppings, as many as you like. Knishes too for 2.59. Now the wayward teens of Monsey will have even more of a reason to hang out at 7-11 (and some of the wayward adults as we've all seen). We decided not to try it today, but another time. They did look tasty.

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