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Jul 31, 2012 01:10 PM

Sushi in Chicago

Rumor has it that a sushi bar is scheduled to open in the next month on the SW corner of Howard and California in Chicago. I wish them well.

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  1. wow - i wish them well too


      Is it at the old mangal location?

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      1. re: lenchik

        No. It is in the newer building right on the SW corner that has been vacant for years, ever since it was built a few years ago.

        1. re: chicago maven

          OH oh ok. In the bottom of the new condos. Great news! Can't wait!

      2. I think it's Dr. J. Ungar's son-in-law doing it. It might have to do something with the lease of his daughter's dance studio. Feel free to correct me if I'm misinformed.

        I don't think the location is a winner. Dempster street near the more MO would be a better location, plus there's hardly any parking at this location. The only possible way to make it at this location is to have your sushi sold at other kosher locations, such as Chaim's Kol Tuv & Kol Touhy, and maybe at colleges & universities with a Jewish student base grab & go stores. OCC, UC, & others come to mind.

        Sushi is a food that is popular with the mostly younger crowd. Older folks aren't into healthy stuff.

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        1. re: KA2CSH

          I think that is not necessarily true. Thinking back to many years of not keeping kosher and constantly seeking out great sushi restaurants in Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Bucktown with NO parking whatsoever, I think that that this restaurant will attract diners if they are able to provide great food and great service. There are plenty of younger people who can support a great restaurant, but as I have stated in MANY threads before, neither I nor many of the others will do so in an establishment with below mediocre service and below mediocre food, just because it's kosher. I think it's a great idea if someone wants to focus on healthier food for a change. With a growing rate of obesity nationwide, it's a great initiative.

          1. re: lenchik

            I agree. If they do it right, they will be successful. If they think that they can get away with everything just because they are kosher and everyone will come anyway, then they will not make it to the end of the year.

            1. re: chicago maven

              any one know the name and have link to the website and or fb page?

              1. re: danpeikes

                There is a sign painted on the window with the name Hamachi Sushi Bar. I don't think that they have a website yet.

                1. re: chicago maven

                  Heard they recently had a "soft" opening for the nearest and dearest. Reports are that it's pretty darn amazing. Looking forward to opening day although wouldn't necessarily expect for it to be official until after Succot.

          2. The wait is over for all of you sushi lovers. The new sushi bar, Hamachi, is supposed to open today or tommorrow. I wish them them the very best of luck. I just hope that they can make it on sushi alone.

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              1. re: chicago maven

                The word on the street is that it's GREAT!! Haven't tried it myself as i have a habit of waiting about a month or so, but I am totally psyched:) They've even got seaweed salad, so exciting:)

                Will post a full report once I actually make it out there. Seeing that they are not currently open on Saturday nights, it will most likely be shortly after Sukkot.

                1. re: lenchik

                  I ordered the Acapulco roll and the Rising Hamachi my wife and I were very impressed with the quality freshness and taste of the sushi. I was hoping it would be a bit spicier but I guess that is what the wasabi is for.
                  I also felt that the Miso soup for $4.50 was a bit pricey though also tasty.
                  It is in a small space so I am assuming they are planning to make it largely on take out and trays. I wish them good luck.

                  1. re: Altalena

                    I have finally made it to Hamachi, even earlier then anticipated! Below is a short'ish summary.

                    The Good:

                    We went on a Saturday night at around 11pm. It was quite busy with only 1 table being empty as well as a couple of seats by the bar (good sign). There was a large number of people waiting for carry out orders.

                    I was pleasantly surprised to find the restaurant modern and city-like. I really liked the combination of the dark floors with the red and white walls, and the red bar stools are a great touch! The restaurant is more casual, I am not sure whether I would go there for a special occasion like a wedding anniversary, but definitely for a birthday lunch!

                    I ordered a sashimi sampler combination platter (15 pcs.), which came with a small salad, miso soup and rice, as well as seaweed salad and edamame for appetizers. I also ordered a Blue Man Group Roll to go for husband.

                    The quality of the sushi was very good, the fish was fresh and the presentation was pretty cool! The fish was fresh, the miso soup and the seaweed salad tasted the way they are supposed to (I recall a couple of years ago trying miso soup at a restaurant that is no longer around and sending it back because it literally had no miso paste).

                    Our waitress was very nice, albeit a bit overwhelmed with the goings-on.

                    The Blue Man Group Roll, which I only tried after bringing it home was really delicious!

                    The Not So Good (but relatively minor):

                    I was disappointed that they did not offer any hot beverages - to me, hot green tea is an essential sushi accompaniment to sushi, so I hope that they will add this to their menu.

                    I hope they will consider adding a couple of fish entrees to their offerings - not everyone is a sushi lover (although I certainly am!).

                    They could use a little bit of decorating and de-cluttering (there were a bunch of cartboard boxes on top of the soda cooler, etc.), but I think they will do so anyway over the next few weeks. Some background music wouldn't hurt either.

                    In regards to pricing, which is neither good nor bad, Hamachi is less expensive then Shallot's but not by much. We paid around to $110 (including gratuity) for my meal, my sister's meal (which was a combination platter with 2 traditional rolls), 2 appetizers and the Blue Man Group roll. No beverages and no dessert were included. So basically, one can probably expect to spend approximately $35 per person.

                    I will DEFINITELY be going back as I enjoyed myself very much. Looking forward to trying some of those black rice rolls! Hamachi, I wish you the best of luck!

                    1. re: lenchik

                      An update!

                      I doubt that anyone read my post, however, Hamachi now serves hot tea and tempura ice cream, which is AWESOME! Now, all they need to do is add more tables!

                      1. re: lenchik

                        Further update! Went back again, because I just can't seem to stay away, just saying...
                        The clutter has been de-cluttered and an awesome mural is now the focal point of the wall behind the bar. Looks great! The crispy rice was AMAZING! Try it if you haven't! Love it love it love it!

                2. I had a few of their standard Sushi yesterday and I was not at all impressed. I hope it was only me since I really would like them to succeed.