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Jul 31, 2012 12:19 PM

Singapore - Relish

Hello again friends. We might choose to go to Relish, of the WildRocket group. Recent experiences? if we do, do you recommend the outpost on Bukit Timah near Botanical Gardens, or out in Serangoon? thanks!

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  1. No recent experience from me. But a very funny experience from a few years back - the kitchen mistakenly served my friend & I two bowls of carbonara sauce instead of clam chowder which we ordered.
    I stopped after a couple of spoonfuls as I thought ithe "soup" tasted odd, and was way too thick & creamy. But my friend finished his!

    It was only when we were paying at the counter on the way out that I noticed the signboard touting 'Pasta Carbonara' as one of the daily specials for the day! I guess the containers of the sauce must have been poorly labelled in their storage chiller, or they have a careless kitchen staff that day.

    Anyway, the running joke for years afterwards was how my friend finished off a bowl of carbonara sauce :-D

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      nice! and thanks for your reply. AND.........I've done it (or rather not done it) again. You might recall that Iast year I discovered that I'd neglected to post experiences after our trip the summer before. Well......deja vu. I'll remedy that soon. Thanks as always for your wonderful advice. Looking forward very much to being in that part of the world again.

      food item to make this a legit post: last year at Wild Rocket we discovered Lychee Beer. Whoa. Loved it. Looking forward to more of that too.

      1. re: Geoff

        Mmm! Did you get that from the North Taiwan Brewing Company? They make honeydew beer and once, I tried a limited time offering of pineapple beer. Mmmm!

        1. re: mookleknuck

          Yep. I've been begging them to ship to USA. No luck so far. ;-0

      2. re: klyeoh

        Hmm, isn't pasta carbonara supposed to be made "in situ" with the sauce of raw egg yolks, pecorino romano, sautéed pancetta/guanciale and ground black pepper (which will not "hold" for long) vigorously stirred with the warm, wet pasta?

        1. re: huiray

          Made 'in situ'?! huiray - this *is* Singapore: the land of mass-production and refrigeration. Very likely, all the soups, sauces and other components were prepared in a central kitchen elsewhere, then transported to this restaurant's premises, and the young kitchen crew were just trained to heat up and plate the various components together and serve. Woe betide any mislabeling of the containers ;-)

          1. re: klyeoh

            Oh dear.

            Anyway, I looked up the website of Relish and...we have another non-menu site, or a menu page with no menu: . (Even the "Valentine's day special" link gives a page with no info for the set menus and the Ponggol menu has to be extracted from the effusive prose and it is uncertain if there are other choices... (plus broken links - "Home" does not work - and the landing page is re-accessible only by going to one of its sister restaurants and then crossing back to Relish. Weird.))
            Heh. :-)

      3. I was so disappointed with Relish's "Ramlee Burger" - their version of the Malaysian Ramly burger, I never went back!