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Jul 31, 2012 11:31 AM

The fifth floor

What can chowhounders tell me about the 5th floor at the palomar hotel?

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  1. It's changed a lot since its inception. In fact, when I was there a few weeks ago I practically didn't recognize it--it's more lounge (2/3) than restaurant (1/3) now unless there are a lot more tables in the back than I could see. Seems very much geared to hotel clientele who might not want to sit for a long meal but who do want a quick bite and a drink. We went there for a foie tasting menu which was fine but not mindblowing.

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      The chef changed (for the sixth? time) at the end of 2010 so prior reports are more or less irrelevant.

    2. Im a huge fan. They have had a ton of chef and manager changes. I really like Chef David's food.
      I find it to be delicate and complex at the same time. IT has changed into a lounge feeling. I think they are trying to get away from being a special occasion resto only. and move to more of a local clientel.

      1. I love it, one of my favorite restaurants in the city. I always have a great time, feel very taken care of and, most importantly, the food is always really delicious.

        1. Great place! Has taken over from Boulevard as our downtown bistro of choice. Wonderful, creative food. When Chef Barzigan is "on", he can really rock your taste buds. A first visit July 2011 was good, but the second visit Nov 2011 was perfection. If you're like us, tell 'em to watch the salt content. Skate with wasabi crust was brilliant, as was the venison, foie gras (now gone, alas) and lamb Moroccan style. Service is excellent.