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Jul 31, 2012 11:21 AM

Best Sunday Lunch Special

I'm looking for a great, reasonably priced lunch spot for after church on Sundays. Anyone know of places that have good Sunday specials? Do you have a favorite after-church spot?

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  1. My favorite after church lunch stop is the Monument Cafe but then again it seems that it is everyone else's after church spot in Georgetown. If I lose patience I'll go to Dos Salsas up the road a piece. That's always been the problem up here there are few really good places and all the locals know them.

    1. Cover 2 in Northwest Austin off 183 after the Anderson Mill exit.

      This was delicious and beautifully plated:
      CHILI & EGGS | 8.95
      Matt’s Chili topped with Two Eggs, Avocado, Cheddar, Cotija, Pico, Cilantro & Tortilla Strips

      Although there are a lot of TVs in Cover 2 since it is a sports bar, it was fine for conversation. The day I went for brunch was during the European soccer championships. I did not sit near the main big-TV area, but could still see across the entire restaurant. I'm not into soccer but it was fun to see people in that area when a goal was scored.

      Cover 2 is a great value. You can tell that someone is looking out for the quality of their ingredients.

      Ex: their Allandale Salad was one of the best variations on a "lunch salad with chicken" I've had in a long time. Their greens were all happy and fresh. 'Sad' greens are a big indicator to me that the owner cares more about cost than quality. Not so at Cover 2.

      If you order the beef tenderloin salad, ask for the Asian BBQ sauce on the side. That salad includes yummy leeks and wild mushrooms. However, the too-sweet-for-me and IMO unnecessary BBQ sauce overpowers them

      I've been to Cover 3 on Anderson Lane eons ago and also had a very good lunch salad. (Was checking out the cool specs at the locally owned Gene Rogers Optical right behind Cover 3.) But something about Cover 2's atmosphere makes me enjoy it more.

      1 area for improvement:
      Back off the salt quantities in the soups. Seasoning on entrees has been perfect. The soup chef just needs to be a little more restrained with the sodium. Otherwise their soups are delicious. Sodium preference is personal - To put it in perspective, I carry salt packets in my purse in case of emergency.

      Put 13701 Research Blvd into your GPS, but exit Anderson Mill, not Lake Creek Pkwy. Else you'll have to get quickly into far right lane after exiting. Maybe not a problem on Sundays, but easier to exit Anderson Mill in traffic.

      1. It's not Buffet Palace! The couple times I've been there has been on Sunday early evening and there seem to be a lot of groups of 6-12 people in their Sunday best that look like they've been there since lunch time and are just waiting for the food to settle so they can eat more.

        Stubbs has a gospel brunch buffet if that's your thing. I don't see the hours on their website, but I'm curious about the, "Enjoy the perfect Bloody Mary created by YOU at our world famous make your own Bloody Mary bar.". Does this you can make a 16oz, 75% vodka bloody Mary?
        I'm drinking a virgin bloody Cesar as I write this. Made with a Shrimpmato(tm) clone right now.


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          Love the music at Stubb's Gospel Sunday brunch, but the food needs work. Large batches of mediocre foods are made in advance and left to dry out on the steam table.

          The bloody mary bar doesn't live up to the hype. The website implies it's included in the price, but it's not. Instead you go to the bartender and buy a glass with ice and a shot of vodka in it and take it to a bottle-necked line at the small station at the end of the bar for bloody mary mix, garnishes and a variety of hot sauces sitting in a haphazard group.

          Not worth the trouble.

        2. Don't know your definition of reasonably priced but I love Max's Wine Dive and they just started a buffet brunch.