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What is ALWAYS in your fridge, freezer and "pantry"?

My "pantry" consists of 2 metal shelf units in my attached garage. Only stuff in cans/jars so not attractive to any critters. Out there, I ALWAYS have plenty of tomato products... sauce, crushed, whole, home-canned. ALWAYS have good tuna... imported, solid, in olive oil. Canned soup... only Progresso. Either have MANY cans of kidney beans or NONE... when I want them??

In fridge... ALWAYS carrots & celery. Don't care what "they" say... these 2 things can last a LONG time in fridge. In freezer, ALWAYS chicken, ground beef, sausages... all vac sealed so they don't get freezer burn. When bacon is on sale, I stock up.

In kitchen, ALWAYS have sugar (white & brown), flour, onions, bread crumbs. Almost NEVER buy bread crumbs... my grandmother always had a big bowl sitting somewhere with the old bread. Once DRY, she'd run it thru one of those grinders that clamped on to edge of table/counter.

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  1. Fridge: Beer.
    Freezer: Beer mugs.
    Pantry: Whisky

    Honestly, I can't think of anything else that is always in one of the three. Not even ice for the freezer.

    1. fridge - milk, chilli sauce(s)
      freezer - ice, cut up lemons and limes
      pantry - canned sardines, coffee beans, spices

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        pls tell me about frozen lemons/limes--can they be juiced, zested after freezing? How else do you use them? Will have beaucoup Meyers lemons and Bearrs limes this fall.

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          I use frozen sliced citrus in drinks, and halved fruit for juice and zest - though the skins do soften a bit. I often use semi-defrosted lemon flesh instead of juice, as it is easy to scoop out with a teaspoon.

      2. Fridge: eggs
        Freezer: bacon
        Pantry: canned tuna

        1. Fridge - milk
          Freezer - peas
          Pantry - don't have one, but do have a cupboard which always has tinned tomatoes and sugar.

          1. fridge; cottage cheese

            freezer; ice cream

            pantry; flour

            1. I keep a VERY well-stocked larder, so there's no way in hell I'll be able to remember & list everything, but off the top of my pointy little head:

              Fridge: fish sauce, about 10 different salad dressings, chili-garlic sauce, various Asian sauces (black bean, hot black bean, hoisin, oyster), chipotles in adobo, paprika - hot & sweet, various olives & other pickles, yogurt - regular & Greek, lettuce mixes & other veggies

              Freezer: ground turkey, chicken (breasts, thighs, tenders), raw peeled shrimp, various poultry sausages

              Pantry: Forget about it. My "pantry" comprises several cabinets & contains EVERYTHING - soups, sauces, dried Asian ingredients, canned beans, artisinal-jarred tuna, sardines, anchovies, pouched sauce & seasoning mixes - you name it, I've probably got it in there.

              1. Freezer: Ice, vodka, popsicles
                Fridge: carrots sticks, cheddar cheese, eggs
                Pantry: rice, angel hair pasta, more spices than I can count

                1. fridge: peanut butter, celery, cheese of some sort

                  freezer: ice

                  pantry: canned tomatoes, another jar of peanut butter, coffee beans

                  1. Fridge: cheese, eggs, siracha, hoisin, butter
                    Freezer: bacon, chicken breasts, shrimp
                    Pantry: Pasta, canned tomatoes, soy sauce, coconut milk, curry paste, tobasco sauce, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, canned beans, rice

                    1. Fridge: Almond milk, tortillas
                      Kitchen: bananas, avocados, red lentils, quinoa, rice brown & white, nutritional yeast, garlic & ginger
                      Freezer: edamame, frozen corn, ice cubes

                      1. kitchen - rice, lentils, thin spaghetti, popcorn, peanut butter, english muffins, coffee, chick peas
                        fridge - silk soy milk, American cheese (only for the big dog's pills), tortillas, eggs

                        1. fridge: eggs & miscellaneous fun cheese 'o the week
                          freezer: ground beef
                          pantry: fish sauce, a slew of hot sauces, a slew of dried chiles, coconut oil, xylitol, honey and vanilla beans!

                          1. Refrigerator: "science projects," aka leftovers in plastic containers tucked away in the back of a shelf and growing mold.

                            Freezer: unidentified meat covered with freezer burn.

                            Pantry: a couple of cans of smoked sturgeon that I was given as a gift five years ago and have no idea what to do with.

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                              For the sturgeon:



                              But make sure you use cage-free egg per instrux; otherwise, disaster and Zombie Apocalypse.

                              Edit: (Personally, scrambled eggs, gently warmed sturgeon and hashbrowns -- frozen kind -- sounds just as good and easier.)

                            2. Fridge - fresh squeezed OJ, Pineapple Mango juice. Romaine lettuce (we have a tortoise who's fav is this), Organic milk, Hot sauce, a marinade or dressing of some sort, a cheese, soy sauce, whole grain mustard, Worcester sauce.

                              Freezer - Venison, Bison, food savered item

                              Pantry - canned whole tomatoes, Jellies, Jams, Canned no salt added veggies (Hurricanes and such items), Triskets - (I hate them husband loves them) , Panko bread crumbs, dried pasta and nuts.

                              Baking cabinet specialties - meringue powder, vanilla extract, almond extract, vanilla beans, baking chocolate - plus all the regular flours and sugars and such.

                              1. Freezer(s) - Beef, beef, beef, hops (yes, for brewing), and various items (bones and such) awaiting to be transformed into stock or broth. Did I mention beef (don't worry, it's only one side of beef, I'm not greedy...)?

                                Fridge - If there's no cheese in the fridge then my pulse needs to be checked. Beer - one fridge is now a kegerator. Carrots, celery, eggs, and butter. That's the absolute minimum.

                                Pantry - Canned tomatoes (whole, diced, sauce, paste...these are a must!) lots of pasta, dried beans, grains (like rice and barley), spices galore, and coffee. Oh, and a box of Triscuits for the cheese.

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                                1. Oh, my. I have enough comestibles, spices, baking stuff and condiments to cook everyday for 3 weeks at least, and never make the same thing twice. Suffice it to say that whatever the posters with full fridges and pantries have listed, I have all that stuff. And we eat all of it sooner or later.

                                  Tell me, ye who have little in the larder and the fridge - how do you do that? Do you shop every day for just enough to make for dinner? I don't know of any other way to be, and it's fascinating to see that not everybody is ready at any moment for the Zombie Apocolypse of which Duchess Nukem warns us.

                                  1. Fridge: cheese sticks, yogurt cups, milk, cottage cheese
                                    Freezer: Trader Joe's entrees, Morningstar Farms sausage patties, Hot Pockets, ice cream
                                    Pantry: Canned tuna, various cereals, macadamia nuts, Marcona almonds, dark chocolate bars, various dried pastas, tomatoes, beans

                                    1. I ALWAYS have a jar or two of sour cherries. Love those things and you can't get them fresh or frozen around here.

                                      Always have butter and whole milk.

                                      Always have olive oil and onions. Flour, sugar, dried beans. Smoked paprika. I just can't get enough paprika.