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Jul 31, 2012 10:52 AM

Virginia Beach dinner

We are in Hampton Roads this week & have been using the boards to find some places to eat. (last night we went to a.w. shucks). However, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place to eat in either Virginia Beach or Hampton that would be good for accomodating dairy free diners. We are up for anything, asian, seafood, mexican, farm-to-table, anything. Also, we have a toddler with us. I have Pasha Mezze and Luna Maya on my list to visit but they are kind of out of the way of where we are spending time so that's why I'm looking for both Hampton and VA Beach specifically.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Burton's Grill is a place that uses locally sourced, seasonally inspired foods, and they have a lot of experience dealing with special food news/request. They are VERY accommodating on special dining needs (including allergies and intolerance) and will work with you on special requests (dairy free).

    For the kids, in addition to a regular kid's menu ; they have an extensive highly varied kid's menu that has totally customizable meal options for kids, for like 6 bucks. the kids menu has you select one item from each category (protein, veggie, grain, fruit, dairy) and you can specify how you want each prepared - steamed, boiled, fried, grilled, etc. Obviously you will probably skip the dairy.

    It is on 741 First Colonial Road in the Marketplace at Hilltop. It is in a strip mall but inside it is much more upscale-looking. In fact a lot of people dressed up to go there, while many were in beach wear.

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      Hi, we tried Burton's thanks to your rec and we had a nice meal, nothing great but good and enjoyable. I had a tough crowd with me too, my wife and 3 sons from 21 to 9 yrs old. Also went to Rockafeller's, 31 Ocean in the Hilton, Mahi Mah's but the best meals were at Taste [34 St and Pacific] for sandwiches for lunchtime. Excellent food, service, beer... all the comforts of home [NY]. Mahi Mah's had horrendous service though they asked every 2 minutes, 'how's everything?'. Food was ok nothing special but it was hard to get over the service the entire night. Rockafeller's is a simple beach seafood place [can you still fry everything?] that moves the masses in and out - not great either. We did eat well at 31... but it was lunch so it was oysters, po boys, crab cakes, fish tacos. All very good but we ordered a pizza [hey I have kids] and it was horrible. Overall I would go back.
      Lastly I found a a great coffee shop on 32nd 1-2 blocks off the strip called Perked Up. Excellent cappuccino and wonderful service. Thanks again for the info.