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Jul 31, 2012 10:08 AM

Help: Sunday Brunch for a Dozen (and big anniversary)...

I've seen a number of the recommendations for Sunday brunch, and most are smaller places. I'm needing a great recommendation for a crowd of 12. We have a vegetarian but that's not a challenge for brunch.

The crowd likes good food, loves breakfast. It doesn't have to be fancy -- real foodies. Actually, less stuffy is better. We're very open to style -- for example the one place I found in Zagats and was available on OpenTable was The Smiths; it looks good, I like the location, but it's hard to tell.

Again, my challenge has been somewhere that can take a large party!

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    1. Lots of restaurants do NOT allow you to book large groups on OpenTable so I wouldn't really go off of the results there.

      Some ideas for a group of 12:
      inoteca - either location
      Blue Ribbon Bakery
      Freemans - private room
      Jane - sister to The Smith
      Maialino - private room
      Market Table - private room
      Pastis - communal table
      Public - semi private room

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        @kathryn thanks for the response. I'll check them out. On Jane, would you recommend it over the Smiths? Blue Ribbin looks great!

        1. re: kathryn

          We've had very successful large brunch groups at maialino before - we may have been a bit smaller than 12 but were not required to do the private room.