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Jul 31, 2012 09:52 AM

Madison Restaurants (baby friendly)

Hey all! My husband and I moved back to our home state after being gone for many years. We settled about 2.5 hours north of Madison and we're looking for a nice getaway for our 1st anniversary. I went to college in Madison in the late 90s and haven't really been back, obviously, much will have changed since then. We'll be spending two nights there.

We're looking for nice, non-chain, restaurants that won't mind our lovely 7-month-old dining companion on a Friday and Saturday night. We'll be staying downtown and want to focus on the downtown area - not nearby towns, UNLESS there is a absolutely can't miss dining spot.

We're interested in local/seasonal. We're also craving some great Mediterranean food. We're not at all picky, we like everything. Moderately priced to inexpensive hidden-gems, etc. are all up our alley. For our nicer dinners we'd like to be at/under $100 including tip.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing some suggestions.

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  1. Cool, welcome back! I passed your question along on Twitter, haven't heard anything; but Madison Podcast #22 mentioned that Graze is accommodating (and also has highly acclaimed food). Wish I had more info for you.

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      That was so nice of you to do that. Graze is something we had in mind and were unsure about bringing our little one too. I am glad to hear that you have heard that it is accommodating. Thank you so much!

      1. re: tiffeecanoe

        Have you been to Graze before and understand their modus operandi?

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          (Oops. I should have thought of the no-reservations policy. Not a great place to wait with a baby, I'd imagine.)

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            Actually, I ended up contacting Graze and a very nice woman agreed with my suggestion that we head in for an early dinner. She let me know that arriving before 6pm for dinner would be best.

            We would just head elsewhere if it appeared to be too busy, we certainly wouldn't wait around for too long with a baby in tow. :)

    2. Just wanted to follow up and share that we dined at Graze on Saturday and it was very good! We arrived early as planned and they were wonderfully welcoming of our little one. Will definitely go back in the future!

      We hit Capitol Chophouse on Friday night (near hotel, lazy choice) and it was a big miss for us unfortunately.

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        Sorry I came late to this thread, but you were right to go to Graze. In general, Madison high-end dining is quite informal and there are only a few places I wouldn't feel comfortable taking a kid; but Graze is one of the places where you really see a _lot_ of kids (especially around early-bird dinnertime...)