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Jul 31, 2012 09:48 AM

Restaurant/Bar Tour/Crawl In Westchester

I am looking to create a food/bar tour for 25 guests throughout Westchester for one evening/night for about 20 people originating in Rye but can go throughout Westchester. Guests are adults all in 30's and 40's being transported on a party bus! Looking for fun places with great atmospheres and/or food. Looking for 3-4 possible stops during the event possibly starting out with a great place for cocktails, then heading to a great dinner spot & ending with a fun bar spot. Appreciate any suggestions or ways to theme this event. Will take place mid September.


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  1. Lazy Boy Saloon in White Plains...has a ridiculous amount of beers on tap and awesome food

    1. I love the bar at Tap House in Tuckahoe, Bar Taco in Port Chester could be really fun, roofdeck at tarry lodge, bar @ 42 at the Ritz??