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Jul 31, 2012 09:22 AM

Anything worth trying in Notheast Harbor, ME?

Hubby & I have been to Bar Harbor several times & are once again making a visit in mid-August this year. Was perusing the boards here to see if there's anything new (or if anything has taken a turn for the worse!) and it occurred to me that we've never actually spent time in Northeast Harbor so we could be missing out on something! Anyone have any favorites there?

(Recos for Southwest Harbor or any new info on Bar Harbor places also welcome.)

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  1. In Southwest, XYZ has some truly excellent Mexican food. I'm also a huge fan of Sips, a very casual restaurant and bar that has solid, tasty salads and sandwiches and wonderful risotto.

    1. The homemade doughnuts from The Colonel's Restaurant are worth the trip (but they're pricey). Full Belli Deli for good sandwiches. Might try the Asticou for lunch on the deck--new chef, can't beat the dreamy views over NE Harbor (haven't been myself, yet).

      1. If you can get yourself out to the Islesford Dock Restaurant - it's well worth the trip. I think that they run some tour/dinner combo out of Northeast Harbor.