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Jul 31, 2012 08:05 AM

Our tentative Itinerary... Would appreciate some feedback

So It's our first time visiting your city and we're making this a food/booze-centric trip! (the best kinds of trips, IMO)! We are staying in the CBD right on Lee Circle

We will be arriving very late on Thursday and leaving on Tuesday. Looked through the various threads and online menus, and came up with a tentative plan and would like some of your input on our choices.

Keep in mind we have never had cajun/creol food (just not available where we live) and would like to try some authentic staples of NOLA as well as some reinvented higher end places.

Friday Lunch: Cochon/Cochon Butcher
Friday Dinner: Muriel's

Saturday Lunch: Mr. B
Saturday Dinner: Gumbo Shop

Sunday Lunch: Nola
Sunday Dinner: Felix

Monday Lunch: Domenica (for their afternoon special)
Monday Dinner: Herbsaint

As for bars: Bar Tonique, Bar UnCommon, Loa Bar, French 75, Cure (quite far and not sure if it's worth the cab ride?)


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  1. Go to Emeril's for their Friday lunch special. Have dinner at Mr. B's. Have lunch Saturday at Cochon or Butcher. Have dinner Sunday at NOLA and lunch at Felix's. Go to Galatoire's for one outing. Enjoy your trip.

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      Cochon is closed Sat. lunch. Domenica's happy hour 3-6 , kind of late for lunch. I'd skip Muriel's, Felix's, Gumbo Shop and Nola (Emeril's flagship is his best).. A much better option for Fri. lunch is either August or Commander's (in the garden room). Should your budget allow, R'evolution for dinner. GW Fins has terrific seafood. Coquette offers creative takes on conventional dishes. Irene's for Creole Italian. Wherever you choose, make resv.
      Bon Appetit!

    2. Not a bad list. While I like Gumbo Shop for lunch, particulalry the seasonal Gumbo Z'herbes, I don't know that I's choose it for dinner. You are already pretty heavy into local cooking spots.

      If you look at some earlier postings you will see that Felix's is in some trouble and may not be the best choice. Having just been to dinner at NOLA I'd definitely put that in for Saturday or Sunday dinner. (I'll post about our weekend in N.O. later this week, August, NOLA,Mannings,Grand Isle and Borgne)

      Also, with Chris McMillan gone from Bar Uncommon that has fallen off my list. I saw him at Tales of the Cocktail but didn't get to him to ask where he is now. Maybe someone else knows.

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        Maybe swap Mr B's for Cochon to take advantage of their lunch specials. Unless there is something I am unaware of, Domenica's lunch specials start at 3. We ate there last week and could not eat dinner. Check out the board regarding Felix's -they are in bankruptcy and seem to be suffering. We love Muriel's. Biggest best pork chop I have ever had (more than once).

      2. If you're staying on Lee Circle, at The Hotel Modern, then you can enjoy Bellocq, the bar run by the guys from Cure. Not the same as Cure, but same incredible attention to detail. Tastes are so subjective, and I realize it's your first trip, but having said that, I'd ditch Muriel's, Felix, Nola and the Gumbo Shop. I'd replace Muriel's with Stanley across the street; Felix's with the raw bar at The Bourbon House; the Gumbo Shop with...most anything; and Nola in favor of a change of scenery, i.e., hit one of countless fine places Uptown.