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Favorite type of gravy?

Let's say you were forced to choose one type of gravy for the rest of your life, and had to use it on anything "gravy appropriate" -- e.g. biscuits, meatloaf, potatoes, etc.

What type of gravy would it be?

A basic cream or country gravy?




Seafood gravy?


Red-eye gravy?

Something else?

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  1. Definitely made from meat -- if I had to choose one kind, then turkey.

    1. Call me crazy, but the white, spicy, country gravy that they serve at Cracker Barrel for the country fried steak. I'm not a gravy person, but I could drink this stuff. I've tried making a homemade version, but couldn't master it. I'm sure upper scale places make it better, but it's pretty darn good.

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        It's about the meat grease, I find the sausage combined with bacon makes a pretty kick butt base. I like to add a bay leaf and poultry seasoning.

      2. I really like au jus...simple, reduced juices, perhaps seasoned lightly.

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            Ditto on white sausage gravy, good with biscuits, country fried steak, damned near anything

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              Beef based onion gravy would be a close second.

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                Another vote for homemade, white, cream-based gravy with sausage. I rarely eat it, but when I do... on homemade biscuits it's just divine.

              2. white country gravy, made with sausage and bacon.

                1. Mushroom and/or beef with a touch of cream & red wine.

                  1. One based on pan juices from roast beef or lamb, plus flour, stock/water, seasoning. No other gravy is ever made in this house.

                    1. Turkey. Nothing quite like it.

                      1. So many gravies; so little time.

                        1. I am offended at the idea of having to choose one :)

                          Gravy, yes. I WANT THEM ALL.

                          I do really love a good country sausage gravy for biscuits, but I think that's a case of absence making the heart grow fonder. I can only bring myself to eat such a thing about once every three years, and then I want to hibernate for a week. Last time I made it was by default because I couldn't bear to waste the good pan smut from cooking sausage to go with pancakes. Turns out sausage gravy+pancakes+syrup+side meat is utterly awesome. Duh.

                          1. Made from brown "crud" that accumulates in roasting pan... beef, chicken, turkey (my favorite). My brother's wife is the sweetest thing... so are rest of her family. BUT was a bit dumbfounded the first time I joined them for T-Day dinner?!? My brother was in charge of the bird and had LOTS of good brown stuff in the roasting pan. When he took the bird out to rest before carving, I volunteered to make the gravy... was handed a few big JARS of "turkey" gravy?? When I asked WHY jarred gravy with all that nice brown stuff in pan... THEY NEVER USED IT!?! Now that's just WRONG!! My brother was just rolliing his eyes behind them... he LET this happen?? I said... get me a jar or container and some flour... DUH!?! Became the QUEEN of Gravy that day... go figure. And not talking YOUNG people... everybody was well over 40 that first dinner.

                            When I make meatloaf, use a LOT of bacon on top and ketchup/tomato sauce. That "gravy" is pretty tasty.

                            1. Just one?? ~ Brown, dark roux, fond, left over browned bits, based ~ Lots of possibilities for add ins
                              Brown Gravy from 'smothered' items.... Chicken, beef, Pork, game, etc.

                              1. Awesome beef gravy made from drippings, browned flour, and strong stock. Not much else.

                                1. I have a friend who makes an amazing turkey gravy at TG. She got the recipe from Gourmet Magazine in about 1978. It has Dry Sack in it and takes a few days to make. Each day you do a different. step Absolutely unbelievably great.

                                  1. Chicago Italian beef gravy. A salty jus of drippings from a beef round roast, helped along with bullion and spiced with dried Italian herbs, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes. Versatile, it's not, but I love Italian beef sandwiches too much to give it up.

                                    Man it's a crime, making me choose between this and sausage gravy over biscuits.

                                    1. My father made pan gravy with a slurry of flour and water that he mixed in a little metal cocktail shaker, about 6" tall. Don't know whether he seasoned it beyond adding salt and pepper. That's about as basic as it gets, probably right out of Fannie Farmer. I don't make it that way myself, but I can still taste it.

                                      1. Favorite gravy? The liquid kind!

                                        A nice silky cornstach-thickened one with a splash of Maggi in it on roast chicken, with extra for the mashed potatoes.

                                        A classic au jus with roast beast and Yorkshire pudding. Of course.

                                        White country gravy for chicken-fried steak, or pigs in bankets.

                                        Italian tomato gravy, simmered all Sunday afternoon, served over pasta in a room full of family & friends.

                                        Thanksgiving Day giblet gravy on turkey with stuffing and all the trimmings.

                                        A nice rich sage-infused gravy with a hint of sherry or port for pork roast.

                                        I'll even eat premade gravy from a jar with a frozen dinner.

                                        I'm still trying to think of a type that I don't love. Ah, there actually are two: lumpy, and scorched.

                                        Erma Bombeck on gravy: "I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage. "

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                                          Bombeck! lol

                                          I once observed a cousin of mine, who I called the Missing Link, guzzling a tankard o' giblet gravy.

                                        2. I would say turkey. I have never had white gravy for biscuts.

                                          1. I said turkey gravy but that was before I considered the potential of hot dog water gravy.

                                            1. The gravy my husband makes with fried pork chop drippings. It is an awesome milk gravy seasoned with Tony Chachere's...

                                              1. My grandmother's giblet gravy for the rest of my life on anything!
                                                Next would have to be cream gravy made from the drippings of anything fried in the skillet.

                                                1. This thread pairs really well with Olympic beach volleyball and plum tart from Europane but I digress.

                                                  Turkey gravy. Thanksgiving. I'd miss the others but I just couldn't do with it.

                                                  1. There is a place in Corinth, MS called "Abe's" that offers gravy choices. You can have red eye, saw mill, sausage, white, tomato, brown and probably a few others that I'm forgetting. It really is nice to be offered a choice, wish more places would do it...

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                                                      Aye. That is a good idea.

                                                      Likewise, I don't understand why more Tex-Mex places don't offer a choice of salsas. Heck, even two salsas would be a refreshing improvement.

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                                                        Yep, a great idea, that. Don't think I've heard of sawmill gravy.

                                                      2. Add me to others here who voted for "Turkey Gravy". Whether homemade or jarred, that's my gravy of choice, & I use it OFTEN. Hubby isn't a red-meat-product person, so if I need gravy for something, poultry it is. In fact, one of our favorite impromptu weeknight meals is "Turkey Meatballs with Broccoli over Egg Noodles with Turkey Gravy" - quick, easy, & delicious.

                                                        1. The gravy made from the pan juices or roaster juices of whatever meat I am cooking.

                                                          When I cook sausages I don't usually make gravy. But I save the fat in a jar in the freezer, and in another jar I store a reduction of the juices deglazed from the pan. So if I want to make sausage gravy I can any time. I do that for poultry too. Also save the drippings when I smoke meats. Those I use as a smoky meat concentrate. Just add 1 tablespoon to a batch of gravy to ramp it up.

                                                          Some times I feel like a big bowl of buttery mashed potatoes covered with gravy. So I just grab the various jars of homemade concentrate from the freezer. Mmmm...

                                                          1. What I didn't like was my mother's burnt drippings with water and undercooked flour.

                                                            1. When I think "gravy" it means meat or poultry drippings/juice (usually from a roast), strained and possibly thickened with flour and water or flour and butter.