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Jul 31, 2012 07:40 AM

Critique My Itinerary Please (sorry if long!)

Hello fellow Hounds. My wife and I will be in Vegas for 3+ days next week (mid week). Here is my challenge. I like a variety of foods and love to try new things however, my wife is not so adventurous. She does not eat red meat or pork but loves seafood such as tuna, crab etc. She is a good sport and is willing to accompany me wherever but I want her to enjoy her time in Vegas too and eat well. Tasting menus are out for us as she won't eat most items. Here is what I have in mind. I welcome any and all thoughts. We are staying at the Wynn and won't have a car but don't mind walking 20-30 min (even in the heat) or cab rides under $20ish. As for price, we like a mix of reasonable places and 1-2 higher end choices.

Breakfasts - Hash Hash A Go Go, Tableau and the Wynn Buffet (want to have 1 buffet).

Lunch - Strip Burger (my wife loves Turkey burgers), El Gordo Taco (this one is for me!) and maybe Holtsteins. I am a big burger fan.

Dinner - Lotus of Siam (she loves pad thai and I am looking forward to exploring the more adventurous side of the menu - any must try suggestions?), Joe's Seafood/Prime Steak/ Stone Crab (we like the Miami Beach outpost but is there a better option for both seafood/crab and beef?) and then I was thinking tapas/small plates at Firefly but am open to any suggestions.

My wife does love sushi (well, if tuna/salmon nigiri and dressed up maki can be considered real sushi). Should we try Kabuto knowing that we will need to order from the menu and not any omakase? Is there a more "standard" sushi place serving superb maki and nigiri that might be better for us?

Lastly, any suggestions beyond Red Square at the Mandalay for a knock your socks off martini?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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  1. breakfast: verandah, bouchon, payard patisserie
    lunch: holsteins, jaleo, pj clarkes, milos (don't miss milos!)
    martini: red square is a fun place, but don't go there looking for a fine martini -- the best martini i've had is at petrossian bar (ask for blue chees olives) and at the mandarin bar.

    1. I like your itinerary and I think it's great how you and your wife coexist with different chow proclivities.

      I think Kabuto might not be the way to go if your wife is hesitant to try new stuff. Might Raku work better for you if your wife likes seafood? Raku has fare for the most adventurous, but also many grilled chicken, seafood, and vegetable items that are non-threatening and absolutely delicious.

      I rarely drink martinis, but I've heard good things about the martinis at Herbs and Rye on West Sahara and Oscar's and Triples downtown (but no raves about the food at any of the three).

      Have fun and I hope you report back.

      It's hard to narrow down the possibilities at Lotus, but I'd emphasize that just like Raku, there are many non-threatening dishes that are delicious, such as the garlic fried prawns, the grilled steak (in the BBQ section). I'd strongly recommend getting the crispy rice with sour sausage appetizer, and take a look at the northern menu and the specials in the back and pick something that appeals.