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Jul 31, 2012 07:20 AM

Epazote (Santa Fe)

Does anyone know if Epazote in Santa Fe is currently open? My family and I (7 people total) are going to be in Santa Fe Aug. 8 - 11 and had hoped to go to Epazote after seeing some positive reviews. However, no one answers the phone, they have disappeared from OpenTable, and there are some grumblings online that they are not operating currently.

If they are, in fact, not open, what would make a good alternative? We had been looking at The Compound and Luminaria as good "back-up" options, but we're open to other suggestions. We already have reservations at Restaurant Martin, Cafe Pasqual's, and Las Fuentes. Thanks!

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  1. Geronimo is good, they had a rough patch a while back but have bounced back last time I was there and I had excellent meal...I haven't eaten at the Compound in a while but when I did it was delicious. Both are expensive.

    For Breakfast - My favorite is Guadalupe cafe, for Lunch or casual dinner I like Harrys Roadhouse or La Choza...

    1. The food at Cafe Pasqual's is probably on par with the other options you listed (upscale, well-prepared, Southwestern, safe and inoffensive), but I think the room is pretty cramped and noisy as compared to many of the other choices.

      Ironically, I've never really had my socks knocked off with this kind of meal in Santa Fe. There are a few stellar upscale non-Southwestern options (Nostrani, Shohko, La Boca), and plenty of very good low- to mid-scale Southwestern options (La Choza, El Rancho de Chimayo, the Ranch House), but upscale Southwestern seems to be a bit of a "meh" choice.

      Of the places in this vein that I've been, my favorites have been Geronimo, Restaurant Martin on a good night, and you might also check out Ristra.

      1. 7 people at The Compound is going to cost you. We really enjoyed our dinner in the garden. 315 Wine Bistro is also top notch. Andiamo! for Italian is always spot on.

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          hope you are enjoying our gentle ease into Fall!
          I have long appreciated your comments and thoughts on our local cuisine, and wonder if you've been to Telluride recently?
          Headed out there for about a week, in a week. Thanks!

        2. Epazote is closed for renovations. They were supposed to reopen in August, but, so far, still closed.

          1. Epazote has reopened at Hillside, located at 86 Old Las Vegas Highway in Santa Fe (right before Harry's Roadhouse - used to be Tropic of Capricorn). Currently open for lunch with plans to expand to dinner service this summer.