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Jul 31, 2012 06:54 AM

Special Downtown Birthday Lunch for only Moi

I'd like to take myself out to lunch for my birthday--just me--(dinner with friends later). I haven't eaten solo downtown in forever and I want to make it special.. Where would you go? Cuisine doesn't matter. I thought about eating lunch at the bar at Gotham , but I've done that before--loved it--but I'd like other ideas.

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  1. I believe that EMP still serves the full lunch prix fixe at the bar (they don't for dinner).

    Del Posto also serves at the bar now. I would call to confirm.

    For something a little more casual, Babbo serves lunch Tues-Sat now.

    1. Bouley offers a multi-course lunch tasting menu (with choices) for $55. I've heard excellent things about it. I've dined at Bouley only at dinner, and it is one of my most favorite restaurants. Bouley has recently updated its website. While the menu listed might not be exactly what you will see if you dine there, the menu on their website will give you an excellent idea of the type of food and many of the dishes on their menu.