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Jul 31, 2012 06:46 AM


I think I've brought it down to 3 Italian restaurants and would appreciate comments on:
Fino Bar
Seven Hills
Scala's Bistro

(Taking 2 teen to 20's)

Thank you for any recommendations

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  1. I, frankly, don't know these three - hopefully someone else does. But based on reviews/general knowledge I'd do Perbacco over Scala's Bistro.

    1. Seven Hills is great! its tucked away in russian hill, so it doesnt get much foot traffic. I love the food and service.

      Scala's is good. I think it's a Kimpton, which I usually like all of their restaurants

      Why those 3? are you visiting or live here?

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      1. re: smatbrat

        I wanted something simple and unsophisticated for the kids but upscale enough that we would enjoy it too. These came up on Trip Advisor (which, frankly I don't always trust, and that's why I'm here instead.)
        We are planning to go alone to Gary Danko's without them.
        We also thought to take them to Yank Sing for dim sum.
        Actually, a really nice Italian restaurant without an ambitious menu would be great.
        We once went to Frascatti's and liked it if that is any barometer.
        Thanks for any help.