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Jul 31, 2012 06:43 AM

Help filling in itinerary for this weekend

My wife and I are coming to Boston for the first time (other than business day trips) this weekend. We arrive Friday mid-afternoon and depart early Monday evening.

Here's what we have booked so far:

Friday dinner: O-Ya
Saturday dinner: L'Espalier
Sunday brunch (pre Sox game): Eastern Standard
Sunday early dinner (post-game): Island Creek Oyster Bar

That leaves breakfast and lunch on both Saturday and Monday, plus any can't miss snacks or drink spots (I'd love to get to Drink at some point). We'll plan to hit up Flour one of the mornings. Any other recommendations? We're staying at the Nine Zero hotel if helpful and won't have a car, but willing to hop in cabs as needed. It'll probably be awhile before we get back to Boston (though we're from Toronto, so not too far away), so we're really just looking to experience the best the city has to offer, with specific cuisines / price points being less important. We'll eat just about anything, and have enjoyed great meals at every possible price point (for example, on our last trip to NY, we did everything from Luke's Lobster to Eleven Madison Park for dinner).

Thanks everyone, this board has been immensely helpful in planning our trip thus far.

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  1. In what areas of the city do you expect to be on Saturday (during the day) and Monday? Will you be sightseeing in any particular area? That will help people to give you good Ideas of where to eat that will be convenient for your plans.

    1. Nine zero puts you about 10 min walk to the North End Early or late lunch at Neptune Oyster on Monday (no reservations and weekends would be difficult). Coppa for snout to tail bar dining.

      1. Drink is pretty close to O Ya so you could get there before or after dinner on friday. It'll be packed but with just 2 people you should be able to get a spot. I prefer The Hawthorne to Drink. Its between ES and ICOB and run by the same people.

        For lunch spots near your hotel check out Silvertone, Sam Lagrassas, Marliave, JM Curleys, Chacarero.

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          The Hawthorne sounds like a fantastic place for drinks before or after dinner at L'Espalier on Saturday night.

          I've read about Neptune - would it be duplicative to go to both ICOB and Neptune?

          Coppa sounds very interesting - will definitely look into it for lunch, possibly on Monday.

          1. re: Foodie Canuck

            hi fc, welcome in advance. Great job w/ your homework and communicating to us the facts that help us advise you!

            Brkfst- beetlebug's rec for mike and patty's is echoed often on CH; also the South End Buttery.

            While this rec does not make the most sense geographically, my strongest suggestion is that you switch your Sunday brunch to East Coast Grill in Cambridge.It is just such a crazy/fun/bustling/ delicious spot full of happy locals, and is very idiosyncratic in the best meaning of that word>> a small place where decor- colors and artwork-, staff , and a unique menu- give you an experience you will really remember. (ES gets alot of CH love but it likely will be instantly familiar/old hat to you if you to go there.) So I would urge you to cab it to and from ECG on sunday.

            Brkfst and lunch Sat and Monday I can better advise if you have a sense of what part of the city you'll be in for lunch on those days. Nonetheless, Neptune Oyster(NO) is a no-brainer for early lunch on Monday(and not duplicative of ICOB except that they both do a few of the same dishes). You will likely love evthng about NO except the difficulty of actually getting in there! (Hopefully at ICOB you will get the Lobster Roe Noodles w/ Short rib, chanterelles, lobster and demi. and maybe the razor clams, house biscuit, oysters, and/or scallops entree.Imo, that's the way to go at ICOB. The lobster roll and fried clams, while good,are both trumped at Neptune Oyster.)

            NO has many more inventive dishes than ICOB. It's also a memorable way to spend your last day here- NO at 11:30AM for lunch; walk around the historic and fascinating North End and waterfront; pick up some savory noshes (arancini or calzone etc at Galeria Umberto) or sweet noshes (sfogliatelle, torrone, almond biscotti etc. at Modern Pastry) for the plane.

            Sat lunch- area dependent. This does have some info that might prove useful:

            Guide to Boston by Areas and Restaurants:


            You've prob see this, but a sister Torontoian(?) has posted this, so far, about the beginning of her recent visit here. In her first sentence, she cites East Coast Grill and NO as 2 of her favs.:


            (we're headed to Tor. in the fall, so i'll be posting inquiries on your board soon!)

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              Opinionated chef I am looking forward to hearing your Toronto itinerary - I have a must try list post on the Toronto board. I comment whenever I have tried one of them.

              - sister Torontonian! aka TF

          2. Thinking Cup is down the street. It would be a nice place for breakfast. Their pastries are lovely. Old report here.


            Mike and patty's would also be good for breakfast or lunch. It's very small. I haven't been in awhile though but I'm sure others can advise.


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            1. re: beetlebug

              Also, the hotel will have a wine hour. It's a great place to stay. Up the street, you can go to No. 9Park for drinks as well. Same owners as Drink and it's rolling home distance. Down hill and all.

            2. Not very far from your hotel, I like breakfast at Beacon Hill Bistro or Bistro Du Midi. Both are nice spots any time to pop in for a cocktail at the bar and watch the world go by outside the window. For lunch Saturday, Scampo is a nice option.