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Jul 31, 2012 06:37 AM

PYO or bulk blueberries

Anywhere roughly inside 495 (or even just outside, for example Harvard or Groton) offering PYO blueberries or bulk orders of blueberries? Need a few quarts and hoping to avoid spending $4 a half-pint at the farmers markets.

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  1. Red Fire Farm sells bulk:
    From their website: flat of 12 pints. from low-spray local farms in Hadley, Whately, and Westfield. (very limited availability). $40 per flat. You can order bulk veggies and pick them up at any of our (CSA) distribution locations during the distribution hours, just let us know which one, and make sure to be there.

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      Thanks for the input, all. I guess I should have been more specific in that my goal is to find the best balance of cheap PYO prices and proximity to the 128 belt. And I'm kicking myself for forgetting about Red Fire Farm. Their last email mentioned bulk strawberries, so I don't know why it wouldn't occur to me that they offer bulk blueberries also. (FYI to others- RFF is at the tail end of their blueberry supply. Get 'em soon!)

    2. Tons of PYO places, but I like Tree-Berry Farm in Scituate.

      Check their schedule first at [warning: Java]

      1. this is a great website for PYO

        It's not in your preferred area, but I really like Durocher Farm in Litchfield NH- not too far from Nashua.

        1. I was at Honey Pot Hill Orchards, in Stowe, last week, and they had PYO blueberries. (I picked up a box of their peaches from the farm stand, which were delicious!)

          1. Probably a bit far north for you, but Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury had unbelievably plentiful PYO blueberries last weekend - they were charging $3.10/lb. I picked 8 lbs in less than an hour. There were loads of unripe berries, too.