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Jul 31, 2012 12:53 AM

Kids birthday cake at affordable price

hi everyone

I am having a birthday party for my toddler, and I need some good recommendations to order the cake. I have ordered from passage to India last year, it was I think a half sheet of cake to server around 50 people, and it cost around 130 bucks. This time I want to order something more economical and yet tasty. If any of you know somebody who does it out of passion or is into small baking business who could do this at a lesser rate, please pass on details. Also if you know any bakery pls let me know.I live in north San Jose so anything around this area, like milpitas, or even Sunnyvale where the party will be, pls let me know. Thanks in advance!!

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      1. re: mhulgrave

        Yes, I did. I found a lady who made cakes at home. If you google for that, you will find plenty. This one was based in santa clara and her name is Mehr, I wanted to get a wheels on the bus themed cake. There are plenty of women who do make cakes at home and would recommend to try them out before ordering.

      2. Costco cakes are good for the (amazingly low) price.