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Where can I find Wattle Seed ... local or online?

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I'm trying to find ground (or whole) the Australian spice wattle seed ( wattleseed ).
I've checked some of the online spice shops, but to no avail. I don't want to incur the exorbitant overseas shipping costs from AU ... does anyone know where Wattle Seed can be obtained?
Forever grateful!

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  1. Maybe the shipping is cheaper from the UK?


    1. nirmalaskitchen.com has ground spice (she also sells same through Amazon).

      Never heard of it, sounds interesting.

      1. try this place:
        Health Food City
        3651 E Foothill
        Pasadena CA
        626 351 8616

        found some crazy herbs i was looking for there--they've got a lot of stuff i've never seen anywhere else. good luck!

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          Ooo thank you! Fingers crossed!

          1. re: chez cherie

            They never heard of wattleseed - thanks for the rec, tho :)

          2. These guys have it according to Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/cart/view-up... - but not sure about the shipping prices: http://www.nirmalaskitchen.com/shop-g...

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              I did review their website and they do have it. The shipping to LA is about $30. And they sell 1.8 oz for $16. Pretty pricey altogether.
              Fortunately I have some friends visiting AU right now and we got almost 16oz for $20.
              But still need to find an ongoing provider.
              ipsedixit had the best suggestion...the British website is very reasonable and shipping is $5 across the pond!