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Jul 30, 2012 10:21 PM

King Eggroll in Gilroy

The Gilroy branch of local Vietnamese-Chinese chain, King Eggroll, has operated amidst the factory outlets for about four years. I stopped there tonight to give the fried chicken a try.

Fried chicken drummette, 50¢ - While the menu says the fried chicken is 80¢, the sign on the warming tray and the cash register rang up 50¢. Maybe the higher price is for bigger pieces. In any case, much better than expected for chicken sitting on a buffet line. Mimicking the application of Crystal hot sauce on Southern fried chicken, I tried it with a dot of Sriracha, but preferred it plain and as is. Juicy marinated meat tasting of garlic, salt and white pepper, light crunchy batter fried in clean oil. A good example of typical Chinese deli chicken.

Eggroll with sauce, 80¢ - And of course, I had to get an eggroll. This was much better than the sorry example at the Newark store. Thin, lightly crispy wrapper, pork and veggie filling with a whiff of white pepper. Greaseless and as good an eggroll as any.

But the best item turned out to be the chicken feet, $2.50. The order taker said it would take 10 minutes but the wait was not that long. Plumped up with savory, garlicky juices and some fermented black beans, these were cooked long enough for the soft skin and tendons to slide off the bones. Very salty, yet very tasty too.

King Eggroll
8610 San Ysidro Ave, Suite A
Gilroy, CA 95020
Tel: (408) 846-8897

“teela brown” on King Eggroll, Gilroy (2009)

King Eggroll in San Jose (2008)

King Eggroll in Newark (2005)

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  1. The food at the Gilroy King Eggroll is head and shoulders above the food at the San Jose outlet (haven't tried Newark). The chicken wings are really, really good as is the bun and the lo mai kai.

    Most everything else is generic steamtable food looking limp and gelatinous, with the exception of some dim sum on the weekends.

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    1. re: Discerning1

      Thanks for the comparison. I almost got the lo mai kai but figured I've had enough chicken this month. Are the chicken wings (drummettes) always 50¢? Quite a deal, if so.

      Edited to add: I noticed some jars of hot sauce for sale by the cashier. Looks like sadae sauce (aka sacha or satay sauce). But I didn't find any on the condiment table to taste. How is it?

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Always 50 cents. And they are big and meaty.

        Funny, I never noticed the wall sign.