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Jul 30, 2012 10:01 PM

Canadian Thanksgiving in Montreal: Where and what to eat


My daughter is a McGill student living in the Ghetto. I'm going to visit her over your Thanksgiving weekend this fall. We're from the US and since she never comes home for our Thanksgiving I thought we might do something traditionally Canadian, since that is when I'll be there.

So, are there traditional foods for Thanksgiving? Are there any nice restaurants that serve whatever traditional fare might be? Is Monday the day to celebrate-- or is it traditional to do so on any day over the weekend?

I'd love recommendations in general for some interesting places to eat. We are foodies and enjoy the full range of places-- from fine dining to hole in the wall type places. We've eaten in a couple of really good places in Old Montreal and one in Little Italy on other visits, We are open to trying new places. I'd like to take her one or two places she can't afford on her student budget.

I look forward to your replies!


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  1. Any day over the weekend is fine to celebrate Thanksgiving. Turkey and all the "trimmings," just like yours is traditional. As far as restaurants someone else may help, we always like to prepare our own at home. Many places will be closed, too. Usually I think, some hotels prepare the traditional dinner.

    1. After searching for "thanksgiving", there was not real answer, there might be a few restaurants that will do a special meal, but I would not count on it.

      For your fix, have a look at "La Binnerie Mont-Royal", it serves traditional québec food, they might have turkey and all the trimmings every day of the year.

      The restaurant Au Pied de Cochon is opening their "Cabane à Sucre" this fall to celebrate apples; you could look into that (they are probably fully booked, but who knows).

      1. maybe check with sofitel or ritz to see if they will put on thanksgiving dinner

        1. For many Montrealers, Thanksgiving is a day off. For those celebrating, it is similar to the American tradition - minus the pilgrims and the absurdly cheap grocery store turkey prices. Generally this question comes up once per year and I don't think it has ever received a satisfactory response. Try searching for Thansgiving in case I missed something...

          1. As an American living in Quebec, honestly your best bet for a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner is to make friends and get yourself invited to THEIR T'Day dinner. As catroast says, that is a holiday for most folks. Barring my initial suggestion, find a lovely restaurant you all would like to go to and aim for that either the day before or the day after the holiday.

            Best of luck!