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Jul 30, 2012 08:57 PM

Russ & Daughters type place in LA. need good NY bagels, spreads & smoked fish.

Im CRAVING it and shipping is almost $60 for priority overnight. There has to be something comparable in LA, right?

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    1. Barney Greengrass in Barney's Beverly Hills. Bagels and bialys available per the menu.

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      1. re: Porthos

        Barney Greengrass BH doesn't hold a candle to Russ and Daughters IMHO. Far inferior product at a higher price.

        1. re: Helper Monkey

          it sure doesn't but it's the only option.

          1. re: Helper Monkey

            The bagels and bialys at R&D aren't that much better than at Barney's.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Russ & Daughters has new bagels. For the past 6 months I think. They're really really good. New bialys too, from Hot Bread Kitchen. They are really good as well. Also, as for the shipping complaint: Russ & Daughters shipping price isn't bad, comparatively. They don't add in anything for shipping cost; it's the straight up FedEx cost for priority overnight shipping, based of weight of the package and distance it's traveling. Thus, it's more expensive when I ship to friends in California than when I ship to friends in Connecticut, for example. You should call the shop and they'll help you figure out the most efficient way to order and ship. They're really nice. i.e. On the phone, they'll let you order a quarter pound of any item, of any amount you want. I've always had good experiences in the shop and on the phone.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                I just came back from a trip to NYC a couple weeks ago and I find this a bit shocking. I absolutely loved R&D but while the bagels weren't bad, they were unremarkable. I really wonder how they used to be now.

            2. re: Porthos

              What has happened is that the old time bagel and bialy makers have left the scene through attrition and modernization. What before was a hand made product - bagels - made by craftsmen who were unionized, is now all done by machines that not only make the perfect circle but accurately measure out the amount of dough by weight dropped onto a conveyer belt. Additionally, the older recipes are also gone, and the bagels are devoid of taste. Today, anyone can make a commercial bagel. Serious Eats did a NYC best bagel test a few years ago, and what came out principally was that to taste the bagel at its best, it should be consumed within 1/2 hour after leaving the oven. My conclusion is that bagels aren't what they used to be, Brooklyn Bagel here in LA makes a decent tasting bagel, and we are pining for that old time religion which is no more.

              1. re: pizzafreak

                > What has happened is that the old time bagel and bialy makers have left the scene through attrition and modernization.

                Although I don't know for certain, I find it hard to believe that Kossar's is a vast commercial operation. They're so close to R&D that I usually just build my perfect sandwich by walking between the two.

                Mr Taster

                1. re: Mr Taster

                  Vast is your word, not mine. I looked into going into the bagel business in the mid 80's and these machines were readily available at that time, and all new shops had them. Bagels are similar to pizza, individual stores, a few small local chains.

                2. re: pizzafreak

                  Bagel Nosh still baked almost-the-real-thing last time I was there.

                  Unfortunately I'm seldom in the area before they close. :(

                  I haven't tried their spreads.

              2. "Say Cheese" in Silverlake has a surprisingly good bagels&lox sandwich (and yes I've been to R&D).

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