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Jul 30, 2012 08:55 PM

Any suggestions in the Rockaways?

We will be spending August weekends with friends in the vicinity of Beach 116 St. and are looking for good dinner recommendations. White tablecloth OK but not necessary. Have access to a car, so we'd go anywhere reasonably close (Seaside/Arverne, Howard Beach, even Sheepshead Bay) if it's worth the trip. Expecting seafood and Italian recs, but really open to anything good. Our host says he's heard that there's a good Thai place, but doesn't know its name or where it is. TIA

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  1. OK, so I did a search (should have done that first) and found this thread:

    It answered the Thai question and mentioned food trucks and carts in Seaside (can someone tell me exactly where?). Also touted Cuisine by Claudette, which appears to be a prepared-food store, but not a restaurant.

    Anything else?

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      Claudette is also eat in. They have a daily special of $12.00 for an entree and two sides. There food is pretty good. I have tried the spinach and feta cakes, lentil cakes and eggplant pie and salad. The eggplant pie was a bit oily, as eggplant can be, but very good otherwise. I just found it also and it's definitely worth trying. I hear their salmon is delicious also.

    2. Also found this thread, which was a link from the first thread:

      It has good recs in Seaside -- we'll definitely go there this weekend, then try to walk it off on the
      way back. Still looking for a sitdown restaurant, though.

      1. I can totally second Cuisine by Claudette! Awesome food, and awesome service, it is definitely somewhere worth stopping for.

        1. Okay, this is easy since I live here and often travel for food choices. In the Rockaways, there is Thai Rock, which is right by the Crossbay Bridge (next to McDonalds on Beach Channel Drive). They have good food, though more costly than other places in the outer boroughs. Beautiful outdoor deck and live music to watch the sunset. I like any curry dish, especially the green curry, and all the noodle dishes are very good. Drinks are good as well. If you want Italian, there is Tiberio's on B. 116th Street. Very good traditional Italian. Excellent linguine with white clam sauce, fabulous mussels and I love their chicken piccata or marsala. Be prepared because they don't say it, but cash only. Very cozy place but owner is a bit shy or standoffish.There is of course Rockaway Taco and the places on the boardwalk. I had a very good crab roll and shrimp roll there. There is Kennedy's in Breezy which is nice because the view is awesome and you are right on the beach. Haven't been there in quite some time so can't comment on the food. In Howard Beach, Gino's is popular and reasonable. I happen to think Matteo's right off the Belt Pkway and on Crossbay serves very good family style Italian. A quick trip into Brooklyn on Avenue U and E. 66th street in the Key Food strip mall is La Villa (they have another two locations also) Very good, reasonable Italian food. Great wraps and salads, wood oven pizza, pastas, everything. Generous portions. Great quality. Never disappoints. Gets crowded. One of our favorite place is a place on Coney Island Avenue and Ave. Z called Nargis Grill. It's a Uzbekistan place (think Turkish). Fantastic grilled meat and seafood kabobs. One of the best avocado salads I have ever eaten. Delicious home fries with onions and mushrooms. Very efficient staff and it's BYOB. It's a hidden gem to the non-Russian community. They will speak to you in Russian initially if you don't speak to them first in English. Very sweet people with outstanding food. My favorite is the sea bass kabob. Liman in Sheepshead Bay is also very good for seafood. More $$ than the others. Hope that helps.

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            Also, if you want good sandwiches go to 101 Deli. Their roast beef with melted mozzarella on garlic toast is very good. I ordered that plus their eggplant with roasted pepper and fresh mozzarella and I didn't get a chance to even try the roast beef. They have good looking take out dishes.

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              I'll expand on Kennedy's: unless management has changed a fewthings over the past two years, the place is a dump. The food is below mediocre, and all of the views during the night are outdoors. You may want to hit Dolly's Ices on E.57th & Ave. U for really delicious icies. Bourbon cherry with chocolate chips is my fave.

              New Park Pizza on Cross Bay Blvd is nice enough. I haven't been to Lenny's Clam Bar on Croos Bay as well. For awhile.

              1. re: David11238

                Dollys is good but so is the place next to Rockaway Taco, without having to pay the toll. I also think they have another location on the Boardwalk. They don't have as many flavors but what they do have is good quality and the scoops are larger.

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                  What's the name of the place? This Rockaways trend has really caught me by surprise.

              2. re: scanmike

                Tiberio's takes credit cards and has for a long time. You can BYOB for a small corkage charge. They have the best francese (chicken, shrimp) in NY. As a regular there for 30 years, I can tell you they are very friendly. And once you have been introduced to Rudy, he will never forget you or your name. Nice, homey place.