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Jul 30, 2012 08:12 PM

One more dinner and lunch ideas?

I was able to get all the reservations that I wanted for this trip, below is what I was able to piece together. I have one Saturday open and a few lunches? Any suggestions would be great!

Friday Aug 17th Schwa
Sat Open
Sunday Next at 10:00 (We have two open seats if anyone is interested)
Monday Girl and the Goad
Tues Driving to Milwaukee Brewers Game
Wed El Ideas
Thur Alinea
Fri White Sox Game

Hot Dougs
Frontiera Grill
Purple Pig

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  1. I would make reservations for Sat and Sun brunch/lunch so you're not waiting in lines on your vacation. My picks would be Big Jones and Publican.

    For Saturday dinner, I'd do something more casual between Schwa and Next. I just had a great dinner at Yusho & you can reserve directly on their site.

    You probably know already but Hot Doug's is closed Sundays, Frontera is closed Sun/Mon.

    Try to squeeze in a drink at The Aviary, too, for the Achatz trifecta (closed Sun/Mon).

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      Wow! Your lineup would make a very nice year for most of us! Where are you staying? If I were you I would want some places within walking distance, as you are already covering a lot of ground. Assuming you will be downtown/near Michigan Ave, options in addition to Tavernita and Purple Pig would be Slurping Turtle, Sunda, Table 52 (worth a trip for the biscuits on arrival), and Quartino. If you do want to see more neighborhoods, you could check out Balena or Sprout in Lincoln Park. You also might enjoy some of our ethnic neighborhoods, such as Chinatown, Argyle Street for Vietnamese food, or Pilsen for Mexican.

    2. I would pick Tavernita for dinner on Saturday. It's a really fun night out and will set you up for a couple more cocktails on the way back to your hotel.