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Jul 30, 2012 08:08 PM

112 Eatery / Rooftop bar in downtown MSP?

Hello TC people. I'm making one of my periodic visits to downtown MSP this weekend, and - following solid Chowhound recs - planning on a dinner at 112 Eatery. Are there any particular house specialities that I should strongly consider? Last time I was in MSP, local Chowhounders steered me to Saffron and the lamb brains there - outstanding advice. Anything comparably unusual and special at 112?

2nd question: are there any good rooftop bars in downtown MSP? I was thinking of something like the Wit Hotel bar on State Street in Chicago's Loop. Thanx for your help!

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  1. I haven't been there in a while, but there is nothing quite as exotic as lamb brains at 112, from what I recall. The specialty (IMO) is the tagliatelle with foie gras meatballs. Delicious. And it might seem like a pedestrian choice, but the burger is outstanding too.

    For rooftops in DT proper, you're looking at Crave or Solera. In Uptown, you have a few more choices in Cafeteria and Stella's. I'll let other CH'ers come with the recommendations, since I've only been to the Solera rooftop.

    1. I would say the rooftops any time after 7 are going to be night clubbish downtown(seven, crave) with Solera being the best option for a mature crowd like the Wit. Not a rooftop, but I am going to throw Eden at the Chambers hotel out there for you. Higher style than any other mention, solid service and good beverage program.
      112 has been hit or miss for me in the last 2 years...I sit at the bar and let them order for me...

      1. Seems like most roof top bars have been discussed. If you don't mind a more casual environment, I would suggest the Butcher and Boar for drinks - not food (terrible) - but patio outside is pretty nice.

        1. I agree with the rec of the Eden bar at Chambers. I haven't been to the Crave rooftop but even though it may be a scene, I'd bet it's still a great place for a cocktail. I also like the rooftop at Brits.
          112 is one of my favorite places; I love the duck and radicchio salad (literally addicted to it), the ricotta with honey and the lamb starters. I almost always eat the foie gras pasta, half portion so I can save room for the butterscotch bundino or/and the tres leches cake.

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            I thought about recommending the rooftop at Brits. It has traditionally been one of my favorite summertime haunts downtown, but I haven't been there in a few years and after thinking about it, I don't know that I'd necessarily recommend it.

            First, although it's lovely and overlooks a lawn bowling green, I find it gets cramped. They're fanatical about the lawn and they act as if it's verboten to even look too hard at it unless you're in the middle of a match.

            Second, the bar is good but not exceptional. Beer selection is (not surprisingly) primarily British. Mixed drinks are perfectly fine but nothing to make a special trip for. I've never been inspired to even look at their wine list so I have no clue on that.

            Food is traditional British pub food. They execute perfectly well but unless you've got a yen for a Scotch Egg, there's not much here that will draw you.

            I'd never say that someone should avoid the Brits rooftop, but I think there are better rooftop/outdoor venues downtown these days.

            1. re: bob s

              I agree that the food at Brits isn't anything special but I do still like the rooftop for a drink.

          2. I pass by Seven Sushi Ultralounge and Steakhouse on my way to and from every Twins game and the rooftop always looks SO fun. Can anyone comment on this place? Not that I could ever eat (with a toddler) at a place whose website says "Scene, Style, Taste" unless by style they mean food everywhere.


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              Its really nice on a weekday, but on the weekends it turns in to a nightclub. They serve both steakhouse and sushi menus up there, beverages are mediocre, and the beer list is pretty pedestrian.

              1. re: mitch cumstein

                Thanks. I'll keep it in mind for those occasional weekday games, thanks!