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Texas Blue Bell ice cream, is it even possible to find it in Los Angeles ???

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I've never tried it but it sure sounds delicious.

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  1. No you can't get it in California at this time closest to California is anywhere in Arizona.

      1. I have seen blue bell ice cream in the freezer section of the Walmart Super Center in Rosemead

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          my mistake! walmart has blue bunny ice cream not blue bell....big difference!

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            yes, big difference.

            in which case i will also skip too.

            but thanks anyhow.

        2. Don't ask how I know, but Outback serves (or at least used to serve) Blue Bell with their desserts.

          1. Everything you ever wanted to know about Blue Bell at www.bluebell.com. Including explanation of why you can't get it in LA. Sorry!

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              According to the website of Whipp'd they do list about 6 current flavors of Blue Bell ice cream they have available (I presume scoops/cups probably). gujuflava's post today down below has the link if you want to investigate. Looks like the place is just west of the Fairfax/Santa Monica Blvd. intersection. They also seem to serve an interesting Hawaiian-style hot dog, but the pictured bun appears to be about 3 King's roll serving as bun.

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                And, as I note above, they are selling one of the supposed Blue Bell flavors in quarts that Blue Bell only sells in pints. This makes me doubt the veracity of their claim to be selling real, true Blue Bell Ice Cream.

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                  No need to doubt the veracity of Whipp'd's claim of selling Blue Bell ice cream in California, here is your answer: Whipped sells no pre-packaged Blue Bell ice cream at all, they sell their Blue Bell ice cream and hand pack it in different sized to go containers at the time of sale.

                  End of confusion

            2. I have heard from some of my fellow UT grads that Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla is available in, of all places, Outback Steakhouse. I just heard that this morning, and haven't checked it out myself, as I don't frequent Outback. But if this is for real, I might go there just for dessert!

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              1. Yes. It is at whipp'd LA in Los Angeles and at Whipp'd OC in Orange County

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                  what flavors, Gosi ?????????


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                    2 weeks ago I discovered that they serve it at least one Subway in the Indianapolis suburbs.

                  2. The company I work for has an annual BBQ each August and one of the items flown in specially for the event.... Blue Bell ice cream! It's quite delicious.

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                    1. hah just had this discussion the other day with my neighbor. can be found at Whipp'd LA next to the frozen dole whips


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                        Tru dat! I told you folks that just shy of a year ago, just look back 9 posts!

                      2. I had never heard of Blue Bell ice cream before but some googling reveals a lot of BB fans complaining about the transition to HFCS, gums and artifical flavors. Seems like it used to be pretty awesome stuff. Is it actually still good?

                        1. I heard about Blue Bell from my Texas friends. The closest place is Arizona or Las Vegas. In Feb2014, Blue Bell built a facility in Vegas and carried at Walmarts, Albertsons, Food 4 Less. I went to vegas Walmart near the strip and bought a gallon of ice cream. It was delicious and tasty. This article about blue bell in vegas http://www.reviewjournal.com/business...

                          1. Many flavors of blue bell at whipp'd on Santa Monica and fairfax.