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Jul 30, 2012 06:37 PM

Can you help me savage the chicken pot pie?

Next time I will do much better I'm sure. But sadly I totally missed the mark flavor wise this time, and as I have enough leftover filling to make two more large pies, I want to see if there is anything I can do to fix my mistakes so they resemble pot pie more.

I used maybe three cups of frozen trinity (diced celery, onions, and bell pepper), a cup of frozen corn, and two cups of dehydrated diced carrots. this was the problem. Two cups of dehydrated carrots is way more than two cups of regular carrots. I softened them in a stick of butter, added some minced garlic and thyme, then coated them with flour, then added about 7 cups of chicken bouillon water and half a cup of cream. Let it simmer and thicken (about twenty minutes), then added some diced chicken. Yet another stupid substitution: I had some pre seasoned fajita chicken (mostly salt, pepper, and some kind of meat tenderizer) that was defrosted already, and needed to be used. So in it went, simmered ten minutes longer.

The color was like a golden brown. It tasted okay, just not as great as I wanted. Mostly it tasted like carrots. Of course. It got to be the right consistency. Then I put it in some crust, baked it in the oven for 20 min at 425, and served it.

My husband liked it. I don't. It doesn't taste like cpp. It tastes like something else. The two fatal flaws being the carrots and the fajita chicken.

What can I do to rescue this?

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  1. I assume that by "rescue" you mean you have more of the gravy mixture available to make additional pies but aren't really keen on the idea of using it in its current form.
    When you've got a situation like you describe the rescue sequence usually involves some form of dilution. Adding more of the original (or substitute) ingredients without carrots might be a good start. Removing some of the carrot pieces before diluting the mix might also be worthwhile.
    Point is that, if carrots are the culprit, removing them and/or increasing the original recipe to accommodate them in proper proportion is probably the best solution.
    You could add a touch of lemon juice or vinegar to reduce the sweetness of the carrots but that'd be difficult to judge and might even make matters worse.

    1. I would call it a lesson learned and let it go.

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      1. re: sandylc

        Indeed. Aside from the dehydrated carrots, I'm not sure that the quality of the ingredients put you in the best position to create a satisfactory dish.

      2. If you want to stay with the pot pie I would add mushroom, potato and/or lima beans to balance out the mix. Perhaps a little red pepper and sage.

        I would be inclined to move in a different direction. Since you are trying to deal with the fajita seasoning and the excess sweetness of the carrots I would turn it into a casserole with a vaguely SW theme. For the bottom use a layer beans (black or pinto) perhaps mixed with Rotel. Then add your chicken mixture. Top with a savory cornbread recipe - I'd use one which had some cheese in it. Bake until the cornbread topping is done. You might want to heat the beans and chicken mixtures first so they will be guaranteed to be bubbly when the topping is done!

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        1. re: meatn3

          +1- is this a homemade version? Poor OP doesn't have the balls-to-the-wall sodium mandate, and the obligatory aji-no-moto.

        2. I would adjust the spicing and serve over rice. (But I'm cheap.)

          Can you be more specific than "It doesn't taste like cpp. It tastes like something else."? What about the flavor bothers you? What seems to be missing?

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          1. re: DuchessNukem

            It tastes like sweet chicken pot pie, like a pottage. The fajita flavoring is not hot at all; I am pretty positive it was mostly a meat tenderizer rub with salt, pepper, and a little bit of cumin. This reminds me more of sweet potatoes than tex mex. I think it is severely lacking in celery and onion flavor. I also completely forgot about peas or lima beans. I think peppers, corn, and carrots combined made for something sweeter than I predicted.

          2. Sounds like you already savaged it. Now the problem is salvaging it.

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