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Jul 30, 2012 06:22 PM

Desperate need of Bbq repairman!!

Anybody, please, I am in desperate need of a BBQ repairman! My beloved Ducane has become ill and I need someone who can fix it. The only place I've been able to find is Joey's BBQ in the west island- $100 for the housecall plus $50 an hour service plus parts. Does anybody know of anyone else? Time is of the essence!! Thanks!

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  1. what'S the problem? If you call customer service they might help detect the problem and maybe order the part and replace it yourself or by a handy friend.

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    1. re: maj54us

      The problem is when its turned on there is a pronounced smell of gas. This never happened before. I did the soap test on all the connections-nothing and the hose is not perforated or damaged. I called customer service they have no technicians in Quebec. I called Home Depot where I bought it they don' t have anybody who they recommend for service.I looked in the yellow pages and called everything I could regarding propane and gas BBQ repair. Still nothing. So nowI am turning to the most knowledgeable people regarding food that I know!

      1. re: mammab

        Does it still seem to get as hot or do you notice a definite drop in heat since you started smelling the gas??


        1. re: Davwud

          Just as hot as ever. There are no burner issues. Just a very pronounced smell of gas as soon as its turned on. The smell remains as long as the tank is on. Gas is leaking out of somewhere although I performed an extensive leak test, I don't find the source.

          1. re: mammab

            Check your regulator. Some have a screw or a dial on the opposite end from the part that screws into the tank. Make sure it's tight.

            Alternatively, take the rocks, grill, etc out and get right down inside and check for leaks. Especially where the burner meets the hose.


              1. re: mammab

                With everything out, vacuum or sweep out the box. Also, ignite the burner and see if it's firing from all spots.


        2. re: mammab

          One test you could do is to maybe unhook the bbq from the propane tank . Check the propane tank to make sure it's no leaking.

          Hook everything back on and without opening the burners and the propane taank, see if there's asmell or leak.

          Then open only the propane tanks and keep the burners closed. Be carefull

          You said something intweresting about to service. I believe it is the law than you can have service and parts available up to 7 years in Canada. If you bought it at Home depot, they have to give you satisfaction. How long have had the grill ?