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Help with name of restaurant near Fenway!

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Hi all, I'm coming to Fenway Park this weekend, and foodwise we're all set, but another group of friends we traveled with last year is coming up separately and they want to grab a bite before the Sox game at a spot we all ate at last time. But I can't remember the name.

It was on the same street as Jerry Remy's I think (We attempted to go to Remy's but it was booked solid which is how we landed at this other spot) and was right on the corner of a four-way intersection where if you walked down the street you'd be at Fenway. I think the outside of the building was green? Was it an Irish tavern thing?? All I know is my pals want to go there again but since we aren't going, they will never find it unless I give them an address. The food at this place was good (except for the fried pickles, the dudes didn't care for them).

Thanks for any help.

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  1. A 4-way intersection on Boylston that leads to Fenway would have to be Yawkey. Maybe you were at Citizen Public House? http://www.citizenpub.com/ Not really an irish tavern, but apparently they have fried pickles.

    You lucked out with Remy's. The food there is truly dreadful. I was forced to go there last year and it was one of the worst meals I've had in Boston.

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      Thanks Maillard, from the images online it does look like it was Citizen Public House! My friends said they will be happy to go there again! This is a great Remy's alternative.

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        Thinking of Citizen as an alternative to Remy's is kind of funny, two completely different animals IMO. A Remy's alternative would be Sweet Caroline's or the Baseball Tavern.

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          I actually kind of wondered if they had gone to the Baseball Tavern, as it is nearby and green. I have zero idea if they serve fried pickles though :)

      1. Can I suggest using Google Maps' street view feature to see what look familiar?

        1. Thanks everyone. Once Maillard gave me that name I researched images and recognized it as Citizen Public House. They have a round table my gang sat at and I saw it in a photo. I see they offer pig roasts. If we had more time we would do this. Putting it on my list for next visit.