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Jul 30, 2012 05:52 PM

Patrick's Pub - Gilford, NH

We went back to Patrick's Pub today after being away and not eating here for some time. The prices have gone up but you still get a great meal. The server we had was very good. The atmosphere was friendly. This is a very clean upbeat establishment.

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  1. Had a wonderful dinner last evening. The staff was friendly, courteous and very attentive. The food was served just the way we asked for it to be. The portions were large - took some home for a lunch for tomorrow. This is a very clean, well kept, well run establishment.

    1. I went to Patrick's on a Friday around 5:30 and it was HUMMING. There were so many people we had to wait 20 minutes to belly up to the bar. The service was adequate but we were ignored in favor of two men who seated themselves after we did. The food taste was pretty good, with a nice juicy burger but the wrong side. That was remedied. The French Dip was quite tasty but for 11 dollars it was tiny. When the server finally asked how things were I expressed my disappointment at the meager portions of both sides and meat in the sandwich, and she very nicely gave me half off the sandwich. This was an unexpected pleasantry but they really should make the portions match their prices. The bar was definitely busy and the bartenders kept on their toes. Overall I would say if you like a busy atmosphere and an eclectic vibe, give this place a try. It's interesting to hear the difference in your experience from mine. I hope yours is the norm :)