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Jul 30, 2012 05:31 PM

How are my choices for 4 days mid-September?

Because of such high hotel prices, my only splurge will be Peter Lugar, if I can get a reservation.

I really wanted to try the eggrolls at Chinatown Brasserie, but, I guess it's closed. Any recs for really great eggrolls? (I can't find good ones in San Francisco -- they are greasy and skimpy.)

I have not been to NYC since 2000 and did not know about Katz's then, so only tried Carnegie Deli. This time I will definitely go to Katz's -- what's the bagel place nearby I should try?

Will try to get to Minetta Tavern for the Blue Ribbon burger. Should I try the burger at "508" Greenich? I also want to try the Halal food cart and the Biryani cart.

Doughnut Plant seems like a must .. is one location better than the other?

Does Pizza Gruppo sell slices?

Thanks for all your help.

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  1. Call Peter Lugar ASAP, they take reservations for two months in advance and are already booking Sept I believe.

    For an interesting fusion egg roll, try the pastrami egg roll at Red Farm. Dim sum/weekend brunch is less crowded than dinner.

    Definitely go to Katz's Deli. Nearby is Russ & Daighters, a Jewish appetizing store. Takeout only. They're known for smoked fish and other delicacies, their bagels come from elsewhere and are more a delivery device. 

    I think you mean the Black Label burger at Minetta?

    Doughnut Plant is not really a must, I've had far better doughnuts in other cities. How about something else that you can't find in SF, like black & white cookies?

    Not sure if Gruppo sells slices but it's not really the "best" pizza in the city. How did you come to put it on your list?

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    1. re: kathryn

      I called Peter Lugar the other day and they told me I had to call back tomorrow, Aug 1.

      Any other eggroll recs?

      Did you see the latest "Louie" on FX channel? They went to Russ & Daughters .. looked so good. Some say the bagels are not good there, though.

      Yes, the Black Label.

      Where should I go for a good "slice"? I don't want to wait in a line forever.

      After NYC I'm headed to Cape Cod and Maine, can't wait for the lobster. If I pass by a Luke's Lobster, should I go there? I might be staying near the one in the financial district.

      Is Eataly good just to look around and pick up a snack? Or is it overpriced?

      1. re: walker

        You might find this a good read:

        Russ & Daughters is definitely worth the trip! I did see the latest Louie, and it made me really hungry....

        For a good slice, I like South Brooklyn Pizza in the East Village, if you need to stay within Manhattan. The lines for pizza are typically found at the whole pie only places, since they are table service.

        If you're already going to Cape Cod and Maine, I would wait to have a lobster roll there.

        Eataly is overpriced for some things and surprisingly affordable for others. So it really depends. I don't see it as a pick up a snack place, really, though some people try to get meats, cheeses, and bread, and go for a picnic at Madison Square Park. IMO it's much easier to grab a seat at a counter for of the many mini-restaurants and have something there, and then move on.

        1. re: kathryn

          Since I've never been to Russ & Daughters...when Anthony Bourdain went there, he said to get the Nova. On their website, there are 2 kinds .. which do you think he meant?

          What are the things you like at Eataly?

          1. re: walker

            Don't limit yourself to what Bourdain says, actually. They'll let you sample. Try a few kinds before settling on one.

            At Eataly, I like getting some meat/cheese at the wine bar area, or whatever is in season at the seafood one. If I'm grocery shopping, they have good but pricey meat and seafood, dried pasta in many different shapes, fresh pasta, excellent salumi, and great produce from local farms.

            1. re: walker

              I believe the two types of Nova are: Western and Gaspe (Eastern). I prefer the Gaspe for its milder and fatty flavor.

          2. re: walker

            Russ and daughters I agree with Ellenost , Gaspe is my favorite, If i want something a little smokier the Scottish is real good. I would certainly try the different herring types they have. I would try a bialy at Kosar's, ( perhaps the only bialy in Manhattan) Bialy's I think are a real NYC thing.
            For slice of pizza I recommend going up to 116th St to Patsy's , no lines and they have been selling slices for many decades. An alternative type slice, which is fantastic is at either Sullivan
            St Bakery or Grand Daisy Bakery. My favorite slice is the potato pizza but they have many others.
            For a sit-down bagel with cream cheese , smoked fish etc Zucker's in Tribeca is a good spot for that.
            If you are only two people , I wouldn't worry about a reservation at Peter Luger's, an advanced tip to maitre d' will get you seated within 15 minutes. Hopefully, I just didn't blow a good thing here.
            I think Ed's is better than Lukes for lobster rolls.
            katz's for sure over Carnegie et al. Eggrolls I think are best in the outer boroughs.

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Yes, still looking for great eggrolls. They were so easy to find when I lived in Michigan. I have a vague memory of liking them in NYC.

              If I'm forced to at Peter Lugar, what's the going rate to give the maitre d?

              1. re: walker

                Why would you bother tipping the maitre'd when you can simply call and book a table?

                1. re: alepenazzi

                  Much easier said then done,just called lugars and the first available Saturday they had for a table for two was 9/22 @ 6:45.

                  1. re: tgseaver

                    Since I wanted to go on a Thursday, I just called and got the time I preferred. Has anyone tried the ribeye there? Last time, I had the porterhouse for 2.

                    1. re: walker

                      Ribeye is my favorite cut of steak.

                      But at Luger's, I vote porterhouse all the way.

            2. re: walker

              The bagels at Russ & Daughter aren't bad. They just aren't great.